News: MIller: Catching Up With Cowboys Cornerback Morris Claiborne...w/vid

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    By Gina Miller:

    Mo Claiborne knows what you're thinking.


    "I’m that guy they traded up to get," the Cowboys cornerback told me one afternoon while unpacking furniture and boxes at his new home.

    "I’m still that guy. I plan on showing it this year."

    If you're a Cowboys fan, you know Claiborne's story: Dallas traded up to select the LSU cornerback with the 6th pick in the 2012 draft. He's had an injury plagued career, missing six games last season because of a hamstring injury before losing his starting job to Orlando Scandrick.

    Through 25 NFL games, he has posted 81 tackles and two interceptions, far below the expectations of #6 pick. Perhaps more importantly, they're far below his. When I asked him assessment of his first two NFL seasons, he didn't hesitate.

    "Not good at all," he admitted.

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  2. DCBoysfan

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    I expect to see the kid battle back for his starting spot.
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    Good Luck Mo....
    this in the fork in the road.
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    Of all the players I have watched in college who came into the draft none have confused me more than Claiborne. He was confident, aggressive, athletic game breaker at LSU. I don't blame Dallas because he had all of the hallmarks of being blue chip CB in NFL. But I have never seen that pedigree just come into the NFL and look lost, lacking aggression, lost confidence and stiff. It was as if he want to bed the night before NFL training camp started and woke up a totally different guy. Its not too late but once that confidence has been broken it is very very difficult to get back at that level.
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    Changing schemes in his 2nd year, injuries, and personal tragedies all contributed to his lackluster sophomore season. I like that he isn't making excuses and I expect him to surprise some people this year that have written him off. He's got talent, he just needs repetition.
  6. Risen Star

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    Give him a pass rush and he'll do fine.
  7. bbailey423

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    Thank you for this post. Because I was going to create a post asking the questions "who watched this kid in college and did you expect him to have this little impact"

    I do not watch a lot of college football. I personally think that with over 300 college teams...each having 100 is hard to tell without benefit of "coaches tape"....who can and cannot play at the next level. So I am not nearly as trusting of articles written by journalists.

    I do watch a lot of pro football and ALL of the Dallas I feel like I understand pro football...and I have to be honest with you....nothing I have seen so far from this kid...leads me to believe we have anything there..forget special...I question if he will ever see a 2nd contract from Dallas. He will get chances this year and next purely based on where he was drafted...but I am not confident he will even be considered average....because right now..based on what has been invested in him...and what he has produced...he has been a below average player.

    Please tell me I am jumping the gun!
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    She should have asked him about that weak chin spinach.
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  9. bbailey423

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    Fair point. But if we had given up a 2nd round pick and used the #6 overall pick on a pass rushing DE....if he was not pressuring the QB...would you allow him to argue that we need to cover for and extra second or give him a chance to get to the QB? It is the classic chicken vs egg argument..which comes first. After years of watching football...I would argue the MAJORITY of the spend premium picks on the big guys...whether it is offensive or defensive lineman. All the cute parts (WRs, CBs etc..) while vital...they cannot do anything without olineman or dlineman.
  10. BigStar

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    I like Claiborne but agree with this assesment. He has proven capable and shown flashes, but totally correct in terms of stiff hips. JG called out his strength (work ethic) but whatever regime can bring back that college athleticism would be great. He had a lot going on in his second season and played well as a rookie (not exceptional but solid). Like you said, not too late @ all but it is becoming worrisome for the team and his potential career.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't think you're jumping the gun. He doesn't have the elite athleticism that most of the best corners have, and he's very average-sized, unlike say the Seattle guys.

    The only thing I saw that he had is very good ball skills (makes sense because he's former WR), but that doesn't keep people from running by you. I'm afraid he looked better than he was in college because he was on an outstanding overall defense. He still should have enough talent to be better than average, even good... But I don't think he'll ever look like a #6 overall pick.

    All that said, the most disappointing thing about him IMO is still his lack of want-to. Missing camp for all these little injuries is next to unacceptable IMO.
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  12. Zordon

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    Thx for the Gina Miller video.
  13. The Natural

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    Another player I'm holding out hope for. For reasons I cant explain I think he's going to put it all together this year.
  14. thunderpimp91

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    I don't think so. Certainly up for debate, but I think your secondary is far more dependent on your front 7 than the other way around, especially if you play a lot of zone coverage. Even the best DBs can only cover for so long. If you can consistently get pressure in 3-4 seconds good things will happen. If not you're in trouble.
  15. thunderpimp91

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    No reason he can't. Guy has through the roof potential if people want to realize it or not.
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  16. Lonestar94

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    Remember the 3 year rule? If a player doesn't live up to standards by Year 3, they will bust.

    I think he will be a pro bowler this year, because a) no one expects it and b) that is how the NFL works.

    Him and Bruce Carter are both wildcards, if they turn it around this year, we will be alot better than expected.
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  17. ChldsPlay

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    I thought he had a very solid year for a rookie CB, and last year, from the 2nd half of the Denver game on thought he played well. If that is him being lost, then he can be a great one.
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  18. chicago JK

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    This defense would be a few steps forward if Claiborne proved to be a solid starting CB and Bruce Carter proves to the the player he showed two years ago. If neither shows this, those are two more holes for a defense filled with them.
  19. chicago JK

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    Also sort of scary if Mo proves to be not dependable and Carr is released next offseason, I can't wait to read the threads of which cornerback we are targeting in the top 10. Fun times.
  20. Carharris2

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    You're jumping the gun

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