News: MIller: Catching Up With Cowboys Cornerback Morris Claiborne...w/vid

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Dez can do that to you in practice. He came in and had to guard the unguardable from day 1 and FAIL miserably time after time. Dez is a talker too, it had to be difficult being traded up for, knowing you were counted on to blanket folk, only to get abused by Dez for the world to see plus listening to Dez' trash talk for only them to hear on top of it.

    I'm sure Michael Irvin ran off a couple of talented DBs the same way in his day as well as all of talkative great WRs. Let's just hope Mo has learned and turned the corner mentally. He was playing decent toward the end of the season, so I have hope.
  2. Idgit

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    Dez was publicly saying in camp last season that Mo was a beast in practice and heading for a big season.

    Scandrick has said similar things, which is even more unusual.

    Mo had a rough season last year with niggling injuries and compromised play, but it's not like he hasn't shown some promise, too.
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    No, because I don't believe in the impact of cornerbacks. I believe the impact is in your front seven.
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    I was speaking of his rookie season, coming in with high expectations and having to guard a beast in Dez. Vets traditionally through friendly competition or down right hatred, verbally haze rookies when they make a play vs the rook. Coaches even chime in on the verbal hazing.

    I agree he had multiple factors that sidetracked his sophomore season and that teammates raved about his practice habits, but he struggled early. I saw strides toward the end that gave me confidence that he can turn that corner mentally.
  5. Idgit

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    Ah, gotcha.

    Yeah, I was disappointed early last season given what Dez had said about him in practice, but Mo's not as bad overall as he's generally considered to be on CZ. A big disappointment, for sure, though.
  6. 50cent

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    He definitely has the ability, I'm just a firm believer that a pass rush especially up the middle does wonders for DBs and the overall defense. This draft is huge and I think JG comments on Crawford were telling on our draft intentions.
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    This is a whole different defense and team if Bruce Carter and Morris Claiborne hit their potentials. That could automatically make us go from the worst defense in the league to a top 15 just off guys hitting their potential and Sean Lee staying healthy. That's how crucial this is.

    And as crazy as it sounds, there's always that one player you get something you didn't expect from. Last year it was Jason Hatcher. This year there will be a player who plays on a Pro Bowl level that we didn't expect it from. I don't know who it will be. But I sure as hell hope its Claiborne. Its hard not to like the guy. I'm not sure why so many at the Zone have given him such a hard time going through what he's gone through his first two years in the league but the guy is humble and makes no can you not like him?
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    That's all legitimate, but you also have to have the coaching needed to get these kids developed. How many guys do we develop? Most of our good players are can't miss type of guys. We have way too many potential guys. But, Why don't we ever see their development drastically improve? If we could teach and coach up all the "upside guys" we have. We'd be great...
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    My #1 candiate for "Biggest Surprise Player" in the 2014 season.
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    That athleticism is never coming back. His combine numbers were nothing special at all.
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    well I hope Claiborne starts to show the player he was at LSU because so far he has been a bust.
  12. Teague31

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    currently my least favorite player on the roster by far. I would love to be proven wrong.
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    Sit back my brother and enjoy the comeback. It will be enough to give RS erectile dysfunction. Jk RS... although we disagree on a majority of topics, you are a very worthy fan who does his homework.
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    You know, I can specifically remember this as well. And I don't think Dez would blow smoke like that. If he thought Mo was a bum or subpar he would probably just not say anything at all.

    I really hope Mo turns the corner this year, if he doesn't, I'm going to really worry. He might very well be a head case as it is, and I'm not sure I want to see what Mo's looking like after a 3rd consecutive disappointing season, if that were to happen.
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  15. BAT

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    I believe he is much better suited playing man to man and does not have the physicality or the intelligence to play zone well (he never did), but I agree with the rest of your assessment. Do not think he will ever warrant the 6th pick overall due to lack of balls, his balls just aren't big enough. Still think Cowboys should trade him for Dion Jordan if possible.
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    They picked on him in Philadelphia but that is about the only time I have saw him play bad his rookie year. Sure he will hold when he gets beat and they called him for quite an armbar that I saw the guys in Seattle use constantly.

    Where Claiborne struggled most was when he was asked to cover jump balls 15+ yards downfield against Chicago. He struggles when matched up for jump balls against 6-4 receivers. Nevermind the five and seven step drop plus. Nevermind that those throws around the hash that far downfield should be getting some help from the middle or underneath or somewhere. That afternoon was full of failure.

    That speaks to me the weakness of this defense. We need big fast guys up the middle that can compete out there. Our NT, LB and S need be better prepared to compete physically. Hayden, Laurence and Heath are not going to get it done as depth for defense. Guys that cannot beat anybody are not an acceptable standard.

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    I agree, I think this is going to be the year he finally lives up to his potential and proves himself worthy of the #6 pick.
  18. ufcrules1

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    I like Mo a lot.. first 2 years have been rough but I haven't given up on him. I also agree if we had any kind of pass rush he would be much more effective. You can't give the QB all day to throw the ball and expect the corners to maintain coverage for that long.
  19. casmith07

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    Morris, like many rookies, had a tough time adjusting to the longer season. He'll hopefully be NFL strong by this year, his third year.

    He also was playing with a heavy heart as his father passed away unexpectedly. As anyone who's close to their dad could tell you, that probably sucks. A LOT. I can only imagine the kind of pain he had to be dealing with.

    I think that he, as well as JJ Wilcox (who's mother passed last year) will come back with renewed energy and focus, and good memories in their hearts powering them forward.
  20. rocyaice

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    While I am a Morris fan and I do think he will progress into a legit starter in this league, I can't use the pass rush excuse solely for him. Scandrick had the same non-pass rush and he didn't look nearly as lost as Claiborne. Claiborne for starters needs a whole training camp in this scheme and to be injury free while doing it. He's going to be aright.
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