Mindboggling how much Demarcus Ware is being disrespected

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Oct 28, 2013.

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    wait, what?
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    Has nothing to do with disrespect.. He just isn't the same player, and he should be moved while he still has value. For him and this team. Possibly he could get on a team with a shot at winning a Super Bowl. That would be awesome and something he deserves. He isn't getting that in Dallas.

    Stop Jerry Jones thinking here. THIS thinking is exactly what gets this team in trouble year after year. Every football team loses good players and has young players step up..

    About time Dallas takes that step. Get younger and start building a new core.
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    Exactly. I'm not worried about his quad. That is not a career threatening injury. A few games lost at the most. If you have recurrent stingers then you have a problem with your neck impinging on the spinal root as it exits the spinal column in the vast overwhelming number of cases. That's going to be either cervical stenosis of the canal and/or a disc and/or a bony impingement where it exits. He doesn't have enough cervical stenosis to be life threatening or he'd already have been forced to retire. He may have a recurrent or persistent herniated disc probably C4/5 or boney impingement where the root exits. The reoccurrence of this problem is....problematic. He's just not happening to have one stinger after another due to bad luck.
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