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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gooch, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Remember he was a dang good kick or punt returner if I read correctly too.
  2. da_boyz_mk

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    not to ruin the optimism here but remember it is just the "underwear olympics" as mickey would say. :)
  3. jdnalls

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    I'm talking about in college not the underwear olympics.
  4. RatisBeast

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    Henson looks like he needs to improve. But what can we say, he hasn't been in the game for about 3 years. We need to be patient with him to see if he improves. I like what i see though, Julius looks pretty small but not too tiny. That cb looked alright. I finally get to see a little type of football in a long time. :)
  5. rio grande valley cowboys

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    I viewed the clip of practice and so far the cowboys rookies look good
    yeah its a little early to tell which will b superstars but the guys are young and raw. I think the cowboys will have a lot of levearge this season and next with
    there picks if they can trade hambrick and get a 3rd round pick that would be awesome. i am so pumped about the up coming season,
    this is my starting offense
    tackle - Flozel Adams
    guard- Larry Allen
    center- Al Johnson
    guard- Andre Gurode
    tackel-Torrin Tucker (he deserves a chance he is raw but good)

    te-jasson witten/dan cambell
    wr-terry glenn/antonio bryant/keshayn johnson
    rb- julius jones who should be the next clinton portis
    fb-jamaar martin the next coming of daryl jonhston
    i think with proper weight training and condition the boys will be able to put up points and keep up with teams this coming year i think the only concern headign in to minicamps and training camp is the corner position maybe the cowboys should use the one and 3 (for hambrick ) trade it to denver and bring back champ bailey to the nfc that would be awesom.
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    I don't think it's the dialup. I have hi-speed wireless and it's the same way.
  7. groo

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    looked like it hit him in the facemask....also noticed JJ can't throw so we won't be seeing any halfback option from him.

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