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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by AdamJT13, May 5, 2006.

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    Ummm, since you missed it, ask bb.
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    I would say that Woodson and Dat were those guys that epitomized our defense for quite a while, now that they're gone (as well as Glover) I don't think we have a real emotional leader out there on D. I don't really see Ware being that guy. Usually an emotional leader of a defense is a guy standing up reading the offense and making calls....QBing the defense if you will.
    I think Roy could be that guy but isn't yet. I think Carp is uncomfortable being anything but the leader on his defense. Once he establishes himself as a legit pro LB, I fully expect him to be the leader on the unit.
    I think a leader needs to be one of the best players on a unit but also has a lot to do with their personality and I think Carp is a guy that will take over anything he's involved with.
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    I really think it could be Bradie James. I just watched the NFL Game of the Week Cowboys @ Eagles and there's a scene in there where he's firing up the defense huddle. Vets like Ellis and La'Roi were even listening to him. He seems like he could be the leader time. Didn't they have a nickname for the defense he lead at LSU? Something like Bradie's Gang or like that.
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    Something like that -- it was "The James Gang." As in Jesse James. (No, not the West Coast Choppers guy, either.)
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    They are related though. :D
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    So Dallas Cowboys Defense 2006: The James Gang II
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    maybe they think he has a fat head....??

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