MiniCamp Photos-Wire Image - 05/12/07

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by SupermanXx, May 12, 2007.

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    :laugh2: I feel ya man. Gotta love the pic with Jason(your guy) and Romo. Looks to be a good relationship.
  3. stealth

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    call me crazy but davis looks fat, his arms look pudgy as hell to me.
  4. BouncingCheese

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  5. Cbz40

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    Great pictures.....Will August ever get here?????
  6. Wolfpack

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    1,786 Likes Received least he didnt wear the black socks.
  7. BouncingCheese

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    Is it because he is white/Irish?

    :bang2: :doh:
  8. smarta5150

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    Its because he is in the 25+ point club...

    He ONLY gets playing time when the Suns are up by 25 with 2 minutes left.
  9. Typhus

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    Nah,, he's telling T.O.... "Just stick around son, keep being a good T.O., and you will be catching balls in our new house in "09".. ;)
  10. proline

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    Jerry: "I've had 5 face lift surgeries, and if I can come back from all of those, T.O., I know you can come back from a silly little finger surgery!"

  11. BlueStar22

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    "look ol' man, I just got my good face on until after you direct deposit that 3 mil iinto my account. Until then, I'll play nice."
  12. crazytown41

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    Cool. Thanks for the pics. Says you gotta pay for the pics though. :(
  13. Achozen

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    That's why he's a legend out here in Phoenix.

  14. gazmc_06

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    he won't be playing much this series then cause Pheonix are going down to the far superior Spurs :shades:
  15. amuze

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    The only times he plays are when the Suns are up by 30+.... so yes, I'd hope they could hold onto those leads.
  16. skinsscalper

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    Don't discount what Sherman could do for Crayton, himself. In case you've forgotten, Crayton leads the team with 1st down % on all of his catches. He makes plays over the middle and has the best hands on the team. To even speculate that Crayton woulod be the one to go (after we have invested this much time into his development) is stupid. Why continue to develop receivers when you are justgoing to cut them loose when they are on the cusp of actually doing something? As it stands (currently) not a single one of those receivers could carry Crayton's jock, otherwise THEY would be 3rd on a depth chart that starts with T.O. and Glenn. I'm all for the development of these young guys and it's true that they are impressive physical specimens, but doesn't equal squat when the live bullets are flying. Crayton has proven that he's capable of performing when it's "for real". Until one of these kids even sniffs that level, Crayton is here to stay.

    It's also no secret that T.O. and Glenn are no spring chickens. You really want to go into the 08 season with minimal experience and potential upside? My guess is that this is Glenn's last year in Dallas (yes, I think T.O. will play out his deal). We could do a hell of a lot worse than T.O and Crayton as a 1+2 if Crayton continues to develop at his current pace. Crayton wasn't tendered at a 3rd round level because Hurd and Austin are the future of the franchise. Quite the opposite, in fact. That doesn't mean that Hurd and Austin (or Stanbach) won't develop into fine receivers (which is why Jerry only bought Crayton for one more season). They will be given every opportunity to succeed, but with Crayton's experience and his knack for catching everything thrown his way, these kids are going to have to be phenomenal for the Cowboys to just trash the entire time they spent developing Crayton.


  17. ethiostar

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    God i wish he could play without his helmet, JuJO and MBIII would have holes the size of the Grand Canyon to run through. :D
  18. theebs

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    What is scaring me in that picture of jerry talking to owens, is that in his left hand looks to be some sort of playcard or sheet.

    That makes me worry.
  19. stealth

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    ya of any of the pics I have seen that really makes me nervous, he almost looks like he is coaching...:bang2:
  20. tunazboyz

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    yeah like $10 a month but it's worth it if I can get picks like these of My Boyz!;)

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