Minicamp Practice Tweets - 06/12/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 12, 2013.

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    And that goes double for that Romo guy (broken rib & punctured lung) and his Cabo friend Witten (busted spleen). Not to mention guys like Sims who try to play through concussions.
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    Ok gentlepeople. That'll pretty much be the end of that for those involved. Play nice please.
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    we are not going to see or hear every aspect of each play. Dez catches the ball, thats what he does. A Cb can probably only break up the play right now. Do they have the CBs using hands or body right yet, probably not, want to get technique, language, foundations down right now.

    Our WR's can catch the ball, and run their routes, this isnt the time to get technical on each aspect. Get to see waht the rookies and undrafted can do. Get to see how they meld with a few vets. Would i expect a rookie to stop Ware, no, but he will see the speed of the NFL in these camps. You cant explain how much faster the NFL is, you have to be in it.

    Great tweets tho, not a lot thats going to show whats going to happen, but right now, get the feet moving, get the body used to this heat, and learn your foundations. A lot for these players to take in. New schemes, new coaches, new information and for MANY, a new level of play. A lot have to up their games. Ben Bass SHOWING hes willing to do it. Love that effort.

    Im reading on Sterling, im rooting for him too. Seems he takes advantages of his opps, just hope he translates it to the season.

    Also, not all of us knows the rules, the CPA, and all that. Lets be happy some guys are resting and NOT pulling injuries in camps, and we have a healthy roster for the season. Better than average i hope.

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