Missing: A handful of former NFL stars

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    NEW YORK (AP) -- MISSING: A handful of former NFL stars.

    With NFL training camps about to open, several big-name players are still unemployed, waiting anxiously, wondering when - or if - they'll get a call.

    Retirement could be the next step for former All-Pros such as Ed Reed and James Harrison.

    ''I know that I can still play,'' Reed said at a charity softball game in Baltimore last month. ''It's just a matter of the right fit.''


    Kellen Winslow Jr.

    Has this guy done anything but wreck a motorcycle and tear up a knee since he was drafted as the next big thing?

    I can't help but wonder what goes through the minds of guys like this who see the hype and think they will be greatness, only after a number of years to find they weren't even serviceable.
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    Kellen Winslow put the Jerk Chicken on that Boston Market menu last time I heard of him.
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    K2 had the skills to be the first TE in the Aaron Hernandez mold, unfortunately he made poor decisions and continues to live a very questionable personal life.
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    So he really was the first TE in the Aaron Hernandez mold :D
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    KW was the first TE in the KW mold. :) His Dad.

    Actually the first real TE IMO was Mackey.
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    A few notable names on that list. Also quite a few who appear to have burned bridges that will be tough, if not impossible, to repair.
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    The Redskins were heavily rumored to be drafting KW IN 2004...Winslow himself even said he was sure Gibbs was going to draft him. Instead, Gibbs drafted Sean Taylor, and then went and got Chris Cooley in the 3rd round.
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    I assume what Reed means by fit is how much money they fit in his wallet.
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    And? I'm not sure I really understand the point of this response? I don't think anyone here cares about who the Skins were going to draft 10 years ago. But thanks for the info.... I think?
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    Just showing that one of your division rivals was "supposed" to draft WInslow, and then showing who they drafted instead. Not too confusing, I hope lol...
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    Ditka was in the NFL two years before Mackey.
  12. jobberone

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    There were TEs before Ditka but Mackey was the first true receiving TE. JMO. Ditka did change the face of the TE. He did have 56-75 receptions his first 4 years in the league but fell off after that. His Y/R was 19 his first year which was fabulous but it tailed off to 12 in 4 years and never got better except his first year with Dallas.

    So I'm a huge Ditka fan. But still he's no John Mackey although he was tremendous. Mackey averaged over 20 Y/R his first year and again his third year sandwiched between an 18+. He only had one year in the 12ish range until his final year where he averaged 10 Y/R which is very good even for today. 20 is for incredible WRs. Plus Mackey in the only TE I know (there could be others) who returned kicks for a living not just rarely or even occasionally. He consistently had longer receptions than Ditka even though Ditka did well his first 3 years and even had a 51 yarder his first year with Dallas.

    We all know the WRs for the Colts in those years. Name the WRs on the Bears when Ditka was there. Johnny Morris was good with one great year otherwise it was a RB and Ditka catching the passes. Mackey was competing for passes with Matte, Moore, Orr and Berry. Mackey just didn't get the ball thrown his way as much. Ditka caught more passes on his team two out of his first five years on the team including his 75 rec season.

    They're both great but one was more explosive than the other. There's more difference on film and grass than there is on paper. But I wouldn't quibble about Ditka being the first.
  13. joseephuss

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    Both were great tight ends. Ditka just started his career first. Mackey had the benefit of having Unitas as his QB for the vast majority of his career. The Bears had a good QB early in Ditka's career, but that guy was no Unitas.
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    I thought KW2 was a stunt cycle teacher?
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  15. jobberone

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    No one is a Unitas but Wade was a very good QB and the Bears won a Championship in 63 with Wade, Morris, and Ditka. Unitas won two in 58 and 59. He wasn't the guy in 70 although he threw a TD to Mackey. (along with 2 INTs)
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    I found it interesting.
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    QB was HORRIBLE for the Bears after Billy Wade was gone. Their ability to find terrible QBs was unmatched until they got McMahon. About 20 years.

    Billy Wade played very little after 1964. Ditka only had a decent QB (and compared to Unitas that was all you could really say about Wade) for his first 4 years. By the way he averaged 19.2 yds his rookie season. That made quite a splash

    Rookie Season: 76 receptions; 1076 yards; 12 TDs; 19.2 yds per catch. So claiming Mackey was the first to really explode as a receiving TE is patently wrong.
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    Johnny Unitas and Earl Morrell left Baltimore at the same time. The Colts drafted a black quarterback in the 3rd round, from Texas A&I - Karl Douglas. He was given a whole two Exhibition Game tryout and cut...Karl then went to the Canadian Football League.
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    no thank to anyone on that list
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    I didn't claim he was the first. If you think Ditka is the explosive player Mackey was then you're wrong. As I said go look at the tape on them both. Ditka was a possession receiver when he wasn't blocking. Ditka and Witten are the same players IMO. So that ain't bad. One is in the HOF for good reasons and the other will be again for good reasons.

    And you are cherry picking Ditka's best season his first season. Did you even read what I said in this thread? All my posts in this thread? Didn't think so.

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