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Missouri DT's

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rw54, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. rw54

    rw54 Member

    277 Messages
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    Has anyone seen the two DT's, Mosely and Ellison, from Missouri play? I have seen a couple of scouting reports that make them both kind of interesting. But I'd like to hear from somebody who has actually watched them. Thanks.
  2. Bizwah

    Bizwah Well-Known Member

    6,381 Messages
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    I'm from Missouri and I kept an eye on both players.

    Of the two, Mosley is the better prospect.....at least, he's the more highly touted. He was quite the HS player. Mosley is the shorter of the two, but he is pretty strong. He's over 300 pounds and moves pretty well.

    Ellison was overshadowed most of the year by Mosley. He's pretty good though. I think he has more potential as a pro than Mosley. He has a whole lot more room to grow.

    Mizzou's defense wasn't too bad this year. They really didn't get too much help from the offense. The front four of Missouri had a good year. The secondary needed a lot of help. Anyway, Ellison and Mosley were the constants on the Tiger's defense.

    A sleeper from Mizzou would be James Kinney. He's a 6-0 240 pound LB. He's also one of the fastest players on Missouri.
  3. rw54

    rw54 Member

    277 Messages
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    From their bios, it looks like Mosely is more of a Glover type, and Ellison is more of a nose guard. What round do you think for them? Some sites have Mosely as a first rounder. Ellison usually is in the third. Thanks alot for the info.

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