MJ vs Elvis Who will be remember as the biggest icon?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Avaj, Jun 27, 2009.

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    really? too bad. However, I doubt text will cease to exist., it serves a lot of functions, especially in the academic and scientific community. Even if we eventually faze out text to using audio/visual, I can't spend hours looking at research "videos" or listening to "audios" to find what I'm looking for when a simple reading the abstract and references will do. Much faster and quicker to read/skim texts for relevant information.
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    Bob Sacamano >>> Elvis or MJ
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    :bow: qft
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    no contest.. MJ

    MJ is a international icon that really made music videos and concerts a theatrical event. He is also the biggest selling artist, album and I think single of all time. biggest minority celebrity globally. and influenced artists like usher and byonce.

    Elvis is an American icon who had a voice AND sex appeal. And he used that to his advantage. Plus he was notorious for the child bride thing just like jerry lee lewis. both romanced and married little girls.

    biggest icons...

    Rock- Elvis
    Pop- MJ
    Country- Johnny Cash (until we lose George Strait)

    Others that were pioneers and genius in thier craft..
    Kurt Cobain

    And as far as iconic bands... Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Beatles

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    And MJ romanced 12 yr old boys-what does that have to do with anything. If we are going to measure them by how many women they were with, I guess Elvis wins even if you just count Priscilla. I doubt MJ was EVER with a woman....
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    Nice mention of Cobain. Rock music hasn't changed much in the past 20 years and that past 20 years was pretty much due to him. I'm not sure anyone in rock music has had that much impact.

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    Michael was great but he was also a benefactor of times as well.
    • MTV platform
    • Managers/Industry pushing for international touring/business
    If Elvis had MTV platform and international aspirations(by his management) or international "vision" he would have been even bigger.

    Like I mentioned, in death Elvis still banks $40 million per year.

    I believe I heard Priscilla Presley say, "after Elvis died, she was offered money so that "they" could wrap his estate and debt etc while she mourned and not to be concerned with anything "they" would take of it". I believe Elvis was in financial trouble. She replied, "yeah.. uh, no... thats ok" She went on to help build his legacy after his death.
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    He took us into a new era and defined it.

    And he hit Anne Margaret.

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    Is this the most popular thread ever?
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    I don't know but it just won't die.
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    No contest.

    I just wanted to say it since everybody else is. ;)
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    And Donna Douglas.
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    Michael all but created that platform he benefited from. My vote's for MJ, but I understand why some would say Elvis.

    I think Elvis is huge in this country, but MJ is huge globally.
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    I always thought MJ was Michael Jordan. So Michael Jackson borrowed MJ? It fits. He also borrowed Elvis' title "The King" and transformed it to "the king of pop." He even borrowed Elvis' fashion sense. Look at the outfit he wore at halftime of Super Bowl XXVII. It looks amazingly like one of Elvis Presley's outfits. Michael even borrowed Presley's daughter.

    I don't know how you can be bigger standing in the shadows.
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    Legs like those can only be defined as lethal weapons.
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    You people who think MJ was big globally but not Elvis have no earthly idea what you're talking about.

    Elvis was THE international superstar. There was nowhere on the planet he could go without being known.

    You all either have short memories, or are too young. I'm guessing the latter.
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    And Juliet Prowse.

    I'm thinking he was a leg man.

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    I'm sure the list runs 200-300 names deep.
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