MLive: Looks like QB decision may go down to the wire again (Notes)

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    Thursday, November 17, 2005 By Tom Kowalski

    ALLEN PARK -- Jeff Garcia is getting closer but whether it's close enough is, well, just too close to call.

    Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci said he won't make a decision on his starting quarterback for another day or two -- or more. Mariucci is waiting to see if Garcia will be sufficiently recovered from a broken left leg and sprained ankle to be effective against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

    "I think Jeff's a little healthier than he was a week ago, but just how much remains to be seen," Mariucci said after Wednesday's practice.

    "I've haven't ruled myself out, not at all," Garcia said. "I felt today was a step in the right direction, as far as feeling better out on the field and being able to move more naturally and not as much discomfort."

    The decision to name a starter for Sunday's game grows in importance because that player will likely start the following game four days later, on Thanksgiving Day against the Atlanta Falcons. With only one full practice between games, it would be difficult to change quarterbacks during that short week.

    During Wednesday's practice, Joey Harrington took 22 snaps with the offense in seven-on-seven and team drills. Garcia took 12 snaps, but the practice repetitions could be split evenly today and Friday.

    That would be similar to the setup the Lions had several weeks ago, prior to the game against the Cleveland Browns. Garica and Harrington split the snaps all week until Garcia was named the starter and took all the reps during Saturday's walkthrough.

    The Lions beat the Browns 13-10 in that game, but Garcia aggravated his injuries in the next game, a 19-13 overtime loss to the Chicago Bears, and Harrington started the last two games.

    Garcia said he'd be prepared for the game if he gets half the snaps during the rest of practice this week.

    "That's pretty much what I had to do before Cleveland, was split the reps and I stepped out on the field," Garcia said. "If that's the case this week, if I feel I'm getting better every day and getting more reps in practice, potentially, that would give me enough to be able to start on Sunday."

    Since naming Garcia the starter four weeks ago, Mariucci has been steadfast in his stand that Garcia will be the starter when he's healthy. It's not just a matter of being healthy enough to play, it's a matter of being healthy enough to run around in the pocket, scramble and do all the things Garcia needs to do to be productive.

    "He's trying to be available, he wants to be available," Mariucci said. "He's not perfectly healthy so it'll depend on how effective we think he can be.

    "He has to be able to move around without limping and not think much about it. Hopefully, he can get to that point, but I don't know if it's going to be this week or not."

    The team is enjoying relatively good news on the health front. The only players to be ruled out of Sunday's game are cornerback Dre Bly (wrist), linebacker Teddy Lehman (foot) and middle linebacker Earl Holmes (knee).

    Bly might return for the Thanksgiving Day game while Holmes could be out for a couple of weeks. Linebacker Boss Bailey (ankle) didn't practice Wednesday but he hopes to play in Sunday's game.

    Because the Lions are thin at linebacker, they signed free-agent veteran LeVar Woods and released guard Tyrone Hopson.

    All six of Detroit's wide receivers were at practice Wednesday and all are expected to be available for the game against the Cowboys.
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    I honestly expect to see both guys playing in the game. Garcia may get the nod to start but I think if he struggles with the Cowboys D Harrington will be thrown out there. To me it makes no difference
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    Garcia is garbage anyway. At least with Garcia we know they wont take too many deep shots, he has a weak arm.

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    To me, Garcia is and always will be a 49er. The same goes for Mariucchi, for that matter. Bring 'em on!


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