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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Anyone read the cowboys preview yet by an Andy Benoit? He makes some pretty good observations and analyses but a few statements caught my eye
    One was to list Dez's stats but with the comment that his mental gaffes caused numerous problems for the offense
    Another was in regard to Escobar having a limited reading many scouting reports, i see "potential to become a star, going to present challenges to defenses, most naturqal pass catcher in draft, coming onto the league at the perfect time for his skill set etc etc"
    Also, maybe I am over reading but he states the play calling duties have been handed to Callahan and Garrett is on the hot seat for the third year. Funny how the play calling can be colored as threatening to Garrett...much like the Cards announcers did last night or as a positive allowing Garrett to be a full time head coach
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    Not a very good article. Seems a bit of his information is dated.
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    Analysis of this team is usually just red meat thrown out there to please the Cowboy hater and "realist" fan in one fell swoop.

    It takes alot more effort to get decent info on this team than almost all other sports franchises.

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