MNF Game with Skins

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by mzgrimes, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Not sure if this post should be in this forum, but I'm a long time viewer and infrequent poster (i.e. cut me some slack if I'm wrong). Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin and have had a difficult time finding any fellow Cowboy fans since the '90s(#$@! bandwaon fans). I want to fly down to watch the Cowboys kill the Redskins on Sept 19th and celebrate the induction of Aikman/Irvin/Emmitt into the ROH.

    Bottom line, I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in going to see the game. It would be be great if a group of CowbosZone fans could get a block of tickets. If not, I would be glad to purchase a ticket for one of the younger fans here who might not be able to afford the ticket (no I'm not a pedophile, just like the enthusiasm that comes with youth). Anyone interested feel free to contact me at

    I'm 33 and was fortunate enough to grow up watching Staubach/Dorsett etc. Unfortunate enough to watch the team lose three straight NFC Championship games (even worse is the fact it was the Eagles, Deadskins and 49ers). Of course was rewarded with three championships in the '90s. I grew up in Florida and was able to watch Emmitt play in High School and Irvin in College.
  2. dallascowboysfan31

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    we'll be there early that day. i'm supposed to meet up with darrgonking sometime....but we'll be there in the blue parking area drinkin all day and sitting in sec 19. ur more than welcome to hit us up.
  3. Kilyin

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    I'll be there with the ball and chain.
  4. kmp77

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    I'd be interested in going if a group wanted to arrange something.
  5. Cbz40

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    In a few minutes I will be moving this post to the Tailgate Forum.....
  6. WoodysGirl

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    I'll be there, but I'll be in the upper deck.
  7. HTownCowboysFan

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    I'll be there.
  8. DA FAN

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    I'll be there. Like to meet everyone and hopefully take a group picture so that I can post on my site.

    Let me know.
  9. Bill Wooten

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    I'll be there with my wife, son and nephew. Really looking forward to that night. It will be the boys first trip to Texas Stadium and promises to be a memorable night!
  10. dougonthebench

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    BigDFan5 and myself will be there.I live in Corpus and will be driving up to Big D on Sunday Sept.18.BDF5 and I will get to the stadium at least 2 hours before kickoff.we'll probably meet people at the corral.

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