MNF in Manhattan?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by wando43, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. wando43

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    I was over at the Skin site seeing what they have to say about next weeks game. Noticed that they are getting everyone in the area together to watch the game. Any interest in doing this for cowboy fans?
  2. dguinta1

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    Damn wish I could that would be pretty cool. I live 10 mins. from NYC. Unfortunately I have a previous commitment to watching the game.
  3. jksmith269

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    If your in NY you will have to watch the NY game until its over there and NOLA are carring that game on both abc and ESPN the rest of the country will have the Boys skins at 9 and espn will carry the rest of the NY NOLA game.
  4. wando43

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    i thought the NFL, ABC and Direct TV were working to resolve that issue due to all of the complaints. I would imagine that there are more than a handful of cowboy and skins fans that will be upset about this. And showing the 1H of the game on ESPN is a simple solution.
  5. Funxva

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    I'm getting together with 2 buddies of mine (One a cowboys fan and ones a skins fan) and watching it. Hehe, I was at the 7 eleven yesterday and saw 2 skins fan returning from the game there. I had my Juice jersey on and we passed some good natured ribbing back in forth in line.
  6. wando43

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    Where are you planning on watching the game? And do you know if the saints/giants game issue has been worked out?
  7. Ashwynn

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    Whats a Juice Jersey, you mean OJ Simpson? Wow oldschool!

    I know you dont mean Jones. Jujo and Juice are aweful. If you have to call him something other then Jones, be creative and come up with something good, expressive and not another tired ripped off nickname that doesn't fit. Juice was a play on ther OJ thing for a point of references. I drink OJ, never drank JJ. So theirs no juice in Jones. Jujo sounds like you cant remember steven kings dog book name and are trying to call Jones a dog.

    Come on get creative and think up something original if your gunna call our beloved running back names. No more tired ripped off names that dont fit.

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