Mo Claiborne Scouting Report

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Afigueroa22, May 7, 2012.

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    Why does everyone keep saying he does not tackle well? He squares up and tackles very well from what I have seen...well for a DB anyway. Are you referring to when he was playing injured? He tackles better than any DB we have.
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    I agree. I think tackling ability in corners is overrated. Corners aren't going to be in a position most of the time to be the primary tackler where you have to just wrap up and slam someone to the ground.

    They're either going to protect the outside, which means they should be in a position to cut off a runner moving laterally or they're going to be dragging a player down after that player catches a pass.

    Besides, I've seen Darrell Revis get trucked, and he wasn't too anxious to tackle Tim Tebow on one play, IIRC.

    And Deion wasn't a great tackler, but he did enough to bring guys down. Moreover, the Cowboys didn't draft Claiborne because of his tackling abilities, but because of his cover, ball-hawking skills when the ball is in the air.

    I'm sure Jerry Jones and Rob Ryan feel they can live with average tackling (if that's the situation) if Clairborne is providing supreme coverage skills.
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    It is like asking a WR to tackel. CB on many occations are much smaller than the man they need to make the tackle on. These are not LB or safety . As a CB if you can get the ball carrier out of bounds, grab hold until teammates can come in and clean up on the play then great. Claibornes issues is not about tackling the WR it has been the RB and looking at some of the backs in the SEC it appears many CB would have a hard time
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    There may be something to that wrist injury affecting his tackling, like someone had brought up. And even if he was a poor tackler, tackling is one of those things that can be coached up if the player is willing to work on it and get better.

    The other knock on him is that he doesn't have elite straight ahead and recovery speed which might keep him out of that Deion/Peterson/Bailey tier of top flight freakish athletic corner, but while he lacks top flight speed he is elite in everything else... fluidity/change of direction skills, man to man technique, football IQ, and ball skills. And it's not like he's slow, he ran a 4.47 at the combine and clocked in the high 4.3 range at his pro day... in comparison Joe Haden ran a 4.66 at his combine but because he's a skilled technician he more than makes up for that.

    Mo reminds me an awful lot of a young Shawn Springs. He wasn't considered a freak speed guy either but had similar size/length and was a master of using that to his advantage in a heavy man press scheme at Ohio St. Both players were savvy and had natural man coverage skills. Springs was one of those rare rookie CBs that hit the ground running (you'd be hard pressed to name 5 CBs better than Springs in the late 90s) while in contrast the athletic "freak" Patrick Peterson struggled in his rookie season, that tells me early success at CB has more to do with being sound in your technique than it does with having low 4.3 speed. Chris Mcalister is another example of a young CB who excelled early on more due to being technically sound rather than elite athletic prowess.

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    Oh really ?
    Thats laughable .
    I cant wait to revisit this thread in December and hear you apologize for your ignorance .
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    Claiborne tackles better than Deion, Newman and Jenkins put together. I will take it.

    Besides, the kid has incredible route anticipation and flypaper hands. Looking for reasons to knock on this guy is insane. The position has been upgraded. Great pick.
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    Blahhhh blah blah.

    He needs to work on his tackling, ALOT.

    He didn't do anything to show he was unwilling or anti-contact, but he definitely needs to get better with it. He was not the most physical player or the most physical tackler.

    And wow, just because someone found some good ankle clips and a couple forced fumbles doesn't mean he hits like a safety and lays himself out... Geez.

    I mean it's not like corners are known for their tackling anyways.
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    He displayed more willingness to tackle at the 1:37 and 2:10 mark in the example video than I've seen from last years corners. Also, he didn't publicize his ligament injury so that he could continue to get playing time. I'd say that's a willingness to compete.

    I'll concede that IF there's any knock on him, it could be tackling, but it's not as big of a deal, when compared with most cornerbacks out there. I'm sure that we both agree there's not a better corner that Dallas could have picked.

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    I agree with most of what you said but what i mean by unwilling is sometimes he just isnt as physical and isnt using good technique . Ive seen him play enough to know he is not even close to a sure tackler , injury or not .

    With that said , look at my username i think hes elite as far as coverage and I am overjoyed hes a cowboy it just worries me a lot that we have such a bad tackling secondary .
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    Come on guys this kid played with a jacked up wrist just about the ENTIRE season and did not ask out of any games ONCE! He'll be a much improved tackler after the wrist is healed up. As far as speed is concerned he's not a pure burner like Deion but lets face it NOBODY is... He's got legit 4.4 speed which is plenty enough.

    I love the supreme ball hawking skills because afterall the CB is paid to take the ball away and make sure the WR DOES NOT catch it.
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    Where did you get that info. Hearsay or speculation?

    By all accounts he hurt his wrist in LSU's first game against Alabama which was in the middle of the season.
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    He doesn't tackle well.

    Believe it or not, Claiborne actually has some weaknesses. Tackling is the primary one.

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