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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by VACowboy, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I would love to trade #28 for a second and a third-rounder, but I hate doing mocks with picks we don't have. Still, it's what I'd like to see so I'm doing one of each. I'll wait til after the combine to get into rounds 5-7.

    Without trade...

    1) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB)
    Best man corner on the board.

    1) James Hardy (WR)
    Big and gets deep, despite his supposed lack of speed. All he did in '07 was catch 79 balls for 1125 yards and 16 TDs. He reminds me of Burress.

    2) Heath Benedict (OG/OT)
    He played for a small school so the level of competition he faced wasn't the greatest, but he mauled everyone he played. Great run blocker. At 6-4 and 321, he's a fantastic athlete with quick feet.

    3) Shawn Crable (LB)
    Crable is a big, fast player with a knack for getting to the QB. He had 7.5 sacks and 28 TFL this past season.

    4) Justin Forsett (RB)
    Guy is fast, a gamebreaker in the true sense of the word. But he's also powerful, able to run well between the tackles -- the perfect compliment to MB3.

    With trade...

    1) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB)

    2) James Hardy (WR)
    He drops to our first pick in the second round.

    2) Heath Benedict (OG/OT)

    3) Shawn Crable (LB)

    3) Trae Williams (CB)
    A fast, ball-hawking corner. He picked off six balls in 2006 and six more in 2007, returning half of them for scores.

    4) Justin Forsett (RB)

    Other players I like: I like Nicks a lot, as well as Cherlius and Anthony Collins. I'd take any of them at our pick in the second. I like Dwight Lowery too. He's big and fast with great ball skills. If Chris Johnson is there at the end of round two, which I doubt, I don't see how we can pass him up. Two WRs I like are Caldwell and Hubbard. Caldwell is a burner with good size who runs well after the catch. Hubbard was productive in '06 and screwed up his knee in '07. He was averaging 21-yards a catch at the time. He's 6-4 and runs a 4.45, so he has the tools. May be worth moving up late in round four. Matt Forte is a stud. If it can't be Forsett, I wouldn't mind seeing Forte in the Dallas backfield.
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    Not bad, I don't know that we'd take another OLB that early, I think we're more likely (and in greater need) of anoher OLB since Carp's growth is apparently stunted and Akin ain't getting any younger. Plus we can add another guy in FA.

    I also like the idea of dropping RB out of the early picks and picking a guy like Forsett later for sure, I may be doing the same in my mocks. The only problem with Forsett specifically is that he IS a smaller guy, and if Barber were to get hurt, can you give him the ball 22 times a game in the NFL? I know he carried the ball about that many in college, but the NFL is a different beast, his stats say he weighs only around 190.

    One pick I have bones about is Heath in the 2nd, too early if you ask me. He's from a smaller school, and is inconsistant. He certainly has the physical tools, but he'd end up being shelfed for at least a year like Marten and Free were last year. I don't think he'd success at tackle in the NFL, at least not right away.

    Of course I love Hardy (I'm hoping like all heck we take him with that 2nd 1st pick), and I'm a fan of Cromartie, although I'm not sure he's quite as good as everyone seems to think he is after some practices and a senior bowl game. If Jenkins, McKlevin, and maybe Cason are off the board though, I wouldn't cry over having to settle for Cromartie.
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    I really like this draft, especially Round 1.

    Benedict is interesting, I was hoping he'd be around in Round 3. In fact, I had him in one of my mocks as well.

    But I could definitely live with your mock.
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    I posted a very similar draft, so you know I like his one
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    Not bad. There are several recievers I like more than Hardy but I would live with this one for sure.

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