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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, Jan 12, 2010.

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    1st Round- Nate Allen FS South Florida-Dont know if Hamlin will be back. Nate is a playmaker and sure tackler

    2nd Round- Maurkice Pouncey C/OG Florida-probably won't be there at 64 overall so we'll trade up by using our 4th to get him. They just missed out on Unger last year who they wanted. We need a C for the future and he can also play OG

    3rd Round-Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB Indiana-8 interceptions. Can never have enough corners.

    6th Round-Sergio Render-OG-Virginia Tech- Kosier is a FA in 2011 and its a worth a shot drafting this guy. We currently will have no depth at OG in 2010 since Holland is a fat piece of ****.

    7th Round-Jeff Owens-DT-Georgia-Thought this was good value here.

    I'm assuming we pick at 30-32 in the first round.

    I decided not to go D-line high in the draft since we'll most likely keep all our current guys who are FA's this year.

    We don't have alot of holes on this team and we'll probably keep most of the guys on the team who are FA's.
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    Suddenly it's cool to be a Pouncey fan.
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    Pretty realistic. All in all, I think Hamlin returns. If the defense keeps playing well, I doubt Jerry releases him, especially if there's no cap to fit under. Still if the Jerry and company believe he can develop into a starter at FS, then we should take him. He can back-up Hamlin and Ball can move back to CB. But I'd entertain the idea of moving down into round 2.

    I really like Pouncey in round 2. He can back-up Kosier and Gurode on game days from the start of the season, and can likely take over for Kosier in 2011 and for Gurode a few years later. Not sure if I like trading up for him though, unless we get extra picks before then.

    If we go FS in rd 1, we can probably address CB later. We'll have 4 or 5 safties (KHamlin/Allen/Watkins, Sensabough/MHamlin) and 4 CBs (Jenkins, Newman, Scandrick, Ball) so we can go CB in like rd 4 or even trading up from the 6th for one (not opposed to using 2011 picks).

    Personally I'd go tackle before getting another guard. I think Robert Brewster will be moved to guard (IMO 6'4 is a bit short for a tackle), so he takes Holland's spot. What we won't have, assuming Free is the starter at LT and Flo is gone, is an option at tackle. Push come to shove, we can shuffle the line (move Davis to RT and Colombo to LT), but someone to groom would be nice.

    Not a big fan of Jeff Owens, hasn't really done much for anyone to believe he'll be a good player.
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    nice except I want OT also

    we got Brewster an Bright
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    If we go safety first round and do go earl thomas or Burnett from GT that will make me question life.
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    I like drafting BPA with an eye toward need. Having said that, I prolly wouldn't select DB's in both rounds one and three. I absolutely LOVE Owusu-Ansah, though. He's big and fast with great quickness and ball skills. He played both safety and corner in college with equal aplomb. He's a small school product, but he possesses all the physical tools and produced at a high level over his college career.
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    i really wish I knew what this meant.

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