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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I post this version of my Mock believing that my 3 pet cat players for our first selection are already gone. These players would be...

    Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma
    Sean Smith, FS, Utah
    Ron Brace, NT, Boston College

    I now believe all 3 have reached either the 1st round or the top of the 2nd. This basically means I do not like this year's Draft very much. I feel the talent drops off at need positions where we pick. Even with that I still think there are good picks to be had.

    As always I include my previous Mocks for comparison. Even though the data in them is outdated and irrelevant.

    Version 3.0, Version 2.0, & Version 1.0

    Cowboys 2nd round pick. Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon, 5'11", 215. A hitting machine who also has good coverage skills. 82 tackles, 6 passes defended, 6.5 tackles for losses. He comes to play every play.

    3rd round pick from Cleveland. Eric Wood, C, Louisville, 6'4", 310. Can play OG as wll. Won't put deep snaps over Romo's head should we decide to move Gurode to OG. OL depth is critical.

    4th from round Detroit. Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond, 6'2", 265. This guy is from a small school but is all about production. 6.5 sacks and 14.5 tackles for loss. He never stops coming for the ball. His only negative is the small school, but don't let that stop anyone.

    Cowboys 4th round pick. Daniel Holtzclaw, ILB, Eastern Michigan, 6'1", 245. A tackling machine. 4 year starter. Natural leader. I think this guy is a star in the making. Seems to be my pet cat this year.

    Cowboys 5th round pick. Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State, 6'2", 218. It is time to develop some QB depth. A good 3rd string QB who could develop for the future. Talent is not a question. Accepted money from a booster and got expelled. No boosters in the NFL. He is the QB I think best fits our system and has a chance to progress.

    5th round pick from Tennessee. Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona, 5'9", 187. A big time Punt Return threat who also has guts. Isn't afraid to go over the middle. Not likely to be a star, but can develop into a 3rd WR in the slot. Owens is probably gone. We need to fill that spot. This kid can develop and will push Crayton. A leader.

    Compensatory 5th round pick. Louis Vazquez, OG, Texas Tech, 6'5", 333. When you think strong, this is the guy. 39 reps of 225 at the Combine. Played is passing Offense. Could develop into a steal.

    6th round pick from Miami. DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati, 5'11", 194. 9 pass breakups in 2008. 5 INTs. Provides some depth. Value pick.

    Compensatory 6th round pick. Myron Pryor, NT, Kentucky, 6'0", 319. This is a Chris Canty-like steal. If it weren't for injuries he could be a day 1 pick. Depth who can develop. 11 TFL, 4.5 sacks.

    7th round pick from Detroit. Ryan Delrosal, OT, Dixie State, 6'5", 313. Heck of an athlete. Would you believe a sub 5.00 time in the 40 for a man that big? He did it and is strong too. A project, but good depth.

    Cowboys 7th round pick. Dallas Reynolds, C, BYU, 6'5", 328. Depth across OL is needed badly. Don't even try to argue with me about his name. Fits this team. He is versatile. Can play all 5 OL positions.

    Cuss it and discuss it.
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    I like it a lot I used to have Holtzclaw in some of my earlier mocks that can just flat out produces. Sidburry in the 4th I don't know I think scouts feel in love with him at the combine his name may be called sooner than what you're thinking. This is a solid mock though Louis Vazquez is a great pick up.
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    love it, although I don't like Texas Tech linemen, but it's a comp pick and he's not expected to start soon, if ever, so I could live w/ it

    already told you about where you have Holtzclaw :(
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    I'm still holding out hope for Smith and Brace..but if they are all gone like you say I could live with this draft. Vazquez and Wood are my two favorite linemen. I still think you have Holtzclaw a little too high on your board. Seems like we could still get him in the 5th or 6th. Was he at the combine?

    I think Sidbury can come in right away and replace Ellis. GIve Spencer his starting spot and allow Sidbury to play some downs. I love his spinmove. Reminds me of Dwight Freeney.
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    2nd time I hear this guys name and it's growing on me fast. Do you think he will fall that far?
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    I'd like the mock better if it was Delmas instead of Chung, but great job. I'm a fan of nearly all your picks. I'm not high on Bomar, but I think he might go higher than where you have him just because this QB class is really dreadful after the top 3.
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    Ignore my thoughts about Delmas. It appears everyones starting to think as highly of him as I do. McShay has him going round one now and says he's arguably the most underrated prospect in the draft. Chung would be a good option and should be there when we pick.
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    I like it...
  9. Biggems

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    This draft makes me want to touch myself....:lmao2:

    Good work Hos
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    My pet cat is Gilbert...........he won't be there.

    Move Rat to RDE next to Ware so he is 1 on 1 with LG.

    2) Ron Brace NT (back concerns me)

    3) Traded for 3 and 4

    3) Dorell Scott NT

    4a) Derek Pegues FS/PR

    4b) Zack Follett ILB

    4c) Jarrett Dillard WR

    5a) Jason Watkins OT

    5b) Joe Burnett CB/PR

    6a) Phillip Hunt OLB

    6b) Rudy Carpenter QB
  11. Woods

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    Very nice draft, Hos.

    My only concern is whether we pick up one DL in FA.

    Assuming we lose both Canty and Tank, we may need to draft 2 DL, one NT and one 34 DE.

    I like your NT in the 6th round. I hope he lasts that long.

    But I think we may also need to draft a 34 DE, unless you think M Dixon comes off the PS or we get a DE in FA.

    Also, I'm getting very worried about Chung lasting to our pick. He seems to be crawling up the draft boards. But let's hope he's there for our pick. I think he'd fit in nicely.

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