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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. LatinMind

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    Seen some risers and climbers in the SR Bowl and I still see the Cowboys trading down, especially if Carr stays as a mid RD1 pick. I still think they trade down with AZ.

    RD1(20 AZ) Get AZ RD3 pick too
    Stephon Tuitt DT ND 312lbs
    Marinelli seemed to love Hatcher size and ability off the snap. Tuitt is that type of player and has alot of room to improve. Very athletic for his size. Started off his JR yr with a hernia problem and then got healthy and turned it on.

    RD2 Dallas trades up swaps RD2 picks with ATL, Atlanta gets pick Dallas got in 3rd rd from AZ and Dallas gets ATL 4th round pick.
    Aaron Donald DT Pitt 288lbs
    Team up with Tuitt for a very solid middle for the Cowboys. Having Tuitt next to him can protect him from constant double teams.

    Dee Ford DE Auburn 243lbs
    Very quick passrusher. Would start off in situational passrush role. Develop and take over the weakside.

    Keith McGill CB/FS Utah 214lbs
    Mcgill looks like he can cover, but it looks like his natural posistion should be FS. He doesnt have Shermans ability to change directions and looks a little stiff. Let him roam and i think Dallas has the answer at FS.

    Josh Huff Wr Oregon 211lbs
    A guy in the mold of what Dallas wanted Harris to be. Guy who can stretch the middle and catch in the middle. Big WR for his height and he carries it well. Can fill in for starts, something Beasley and Harris wouldnt be able to do.

    Michael Schofield G Michigan 303lbs
    Can compete for a starting spot but best bet is he backs up both G spots and develops and make a run in 2015 to start.

    Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma 186lbs
    Will be out all of '14 with his ACL injury but should be good to go and full healed before OTAs start for '15.

    RD7(KC) pick Dallas got in Edgar Jones trade
    IK Enemkpali DL Louisiana Tech 272lbs
    I dont know where he would fit, but Cowboys have spoken to him. So maybe there is interest. IMO he would be a player used the way donald would be.
  2. tm1119

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    So we're going to draft the senior bowl all-star squad lol? I'd jump for joy if we got both Tuitt and Donald though. I don't like Ford or McGill though. Good athletes but I don't like drafting guys without natural positions in the early rounds.
  3. DezBRomo9

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    You might have to swap the Donald and Tuitt picks. I see Donald shooting up boards and Tuitt getting pushed down a hair. Ford also might get puck real early by a 3-4 team needing a weak side OLB. (Think Saints).
  4. jterrell

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    would love that haul just not sure what you are using for values/ratings.
    tremendous value there.
  5. CashMan

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    Agreed, I would add to that, do you really want someone, especially with hernia problems, taken with the 1st rd pick?
  6. Oh_Canada

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    Love the scenario, but zero chance Ford lasts until round three.

    Not a big fan of Tuitt, but wouldn't be upset if they added him in the first. McGill and Huff would be great choices.
  7. LatinMind

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    On this one i used the cbs rankings. And i used a draft trading chart. Just thought id see how that worked out. lol

    I did this with the thought of Crawford playing SDE which i dont think is going to happen. I think they move him inside. He provided little passrush before his injury off the edge. I think he would provide more passrush inside with a shorter distance to the QB. I just dont think he cant get around that tackle to pressure the QB.

    I think Dee Ford could end up being a bottom of the 2nd round pick to a 3-4 team too as somebody said. And i really like Schofield. Think he might end up as a 3rd round pick. This is before SR bowl.

    I like McGill but not at CB. He plays a little too stiff for the NFL. I think he would end up being a very good FS. Roaming deep, could end up being that Chancellor type of S seattle has.

    I think Donalds size makes him a 2nd round pick, but the top of the 2nd round pick. Think Dallas has to get in front of Tampa if they want him tho.

  8. tm1119

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    Hernia problems? Hernia surgery is pretty common (had 1 myself) and they are more of a freak accident than a "problem". You have the surgery and it sucks for a few months with turning and twisting your hips, but there is no long term affects of having a hernia surgery. Unless he went to a shady doctor in Mexico or something there aren't any injury concerns I'm aware of with Tuitt. It's all going to be how he tests at the combine. If he tests well athletically #20 is a good spot for him. But if he ends up being slow and stiff I agree he will fall to the 2nd.
  9. CashMan

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    Perhaps I misinterpreted the Jay Ratliff thing...
  10. supercowboy8

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    Donald in the 1st and Daquan Jones in the 2nd and you may have something
  11. tm1119

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    If you thought it was anything other than him being selfish and lazy than yeah you probably did.
  12. JoshAu99

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    As an Auburn fan, Im a big fan of Ford, but he will be better suited as a 3-4 olb
  13. RS12

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    Reason why your Falcon trade wont happen is they are said to be in love with Donald. Their coaches spent plenty of time around him at the Senior Bowl around him this week.
  14. casmith07

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    This is a great draft.

    But Dee Ford will be a Seahawk. He fits that Carroll Cover 3 scheme of being really good at one thing to a tee.
  15. GloryDaysRBack

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    Now we got guys who know exactly which players are going to which teams...and it's not even February

    Nope. You can forget about that guy...he's going to the bears in the 6th round after they trade down in the 5th and back up in the 6th for him
  16. revospeed

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    I would love this draft if we could get it. I only have two questions. Do you think that LB is a strong enough position that we wouldn't have to draft one? Also, I love the Schofield pick, but I think of him as more of a right tackle because of his height. What makes you think he's a better guard prospect than tackle? Not trying to be smart, genuinely curious.
  17. XxTDxX

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    Would be very happy with this draft althought I don't think it is very realistic.. Ford goes before round 3 IMO and Donald will probably go late 1st at this point.. Josh Huff also probably doesn't make it to the 4th.

    Only pick I hated was the Tuitt pick.. I think hes a much better fit for a 3-4
  18. JoeyBoy718

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    yeah, no way Ford falls to the 3rd. MAYBE the 2nd but I think he's gonna be a 1st rounder.
  19. cbow44

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    Really like Tuitt, and I think it more likely Sutton would be there in the second. But If the draft fell this way, well can you say playoffs
  20. Risen Star

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    Not enough cornerbacks for my liking.

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