Mock Draft 02/19/2013 -"Maddenish" pre-combine draft

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    This is a more "Maddenish" mock that I have put together. It is just a showing of what I think would be an ideal(my ideal) and by no means a realistic offseason and draft. More a highlight of the players that I have enjoyed watching video of since the last draft I made about six days ago.

    note -With the amount of depth at Oline and Safeties in this draft, I think a solid draft would be to get as many potential starters as possible. That means picking from the smaller pool of position first

    Spencer - Its going to take a lot of money to keep a guy who we have been using as a 34 OLB, and whom will want to be paid as such. Good luck, sir, go make that money you deserve.

    Jenkins - not going to be worth the hastle, and not worth the money.

    Jones - Self explanatory

    Free - No longer worth the roster spot

    Livings - same as Free

    Henry Melton, DT Bears, Melton plays a Willie Beamen and follows Marinelli with him to Dallas.

    Donald Thomas, OG Patriots, overlooked in NE, he will be an upgrade for Livings.


    Ezekial Ansah, DE BYU,

    Say what you will about the pick. In this mock I have matched the perfect student (physically and athletically gifted, raw) with non arguably the best Dline coach in the League. I dont see Ansah as the bust I have read on these threads. We bash him because hes been in football for 3 years; well, if they had told us he had played since grammar school, he would just be considered inconsistent, which seems to be the weakness of half the DTs in this draft. Teach him up like any other player and he will be great. Also, when looking at the big board of potential talent in this years draft, Oline dwarfs Dline IMO, there are better chances of striking a good OG,OT better in the later rounds.

    2(47) Alec Ogletree, SAM Georgia,

    Oh My God, What an Idiot! How many days before the Combine? Wh, What? Will this drop him? From what others have told me, the SAM is not a position of terrible need in this Kiffin 43 Defense. They don't have to be All Stars. My argument is it wouldn't hurt to have a really good one. This guy is all over the place on the field. He was considered a top safety out of HS, and would be an incredible piece in this defense. Im putting him in the 2nd whilst I can, because he will rise back up. Of course, he can pull a Janoris Jenkins and I would be just fine with that. He will grow up with the responsibility, and with money to pay for taxis.

    3(80) Terron Armstead, OT Arkansas Pine-Bluff,

    I keep thinking of Lane Johnson in the 1st round to be ideal, but then I turn back to the video of this guy, and I move my 1st round else where. He made fools of the Dlineman that he played against in college, and with ease. He also has very nimble feet and moves well for his large size. Small school does not scare me if his combine numbers look good. Remember; Larry Allen- Sonoma State, By no means comparing, only pointing it out.

    4(111) DJ Swearinger, S South Carolina,

    I want to like Cyprien more, but not in the position of the draft that analysts think hell go. I tweeted Bryan Broaddus the question of whether Swearinger would be a good option at a 2nd or 3rd round grade the other day; he wrote back that their are better options at that point. I was elated. D.J. is my favorite safety, and if he can fall this low to us, I would consider it a victory.
    May I note that Bryan Broaddus is one cool guy to promptly tweet me back.

    5(144) Alvin Bailey, OG Arkansas,

    There is a lot of potential names that I could fit at Offensive Guard here, (Brian Schwenke, Brian Winters, Earl Watford, Patrick Omameh). Some may be wishful thinking; whos to say. With such a large pool at the position, we don't know who's going where. Bailey is a good OG, and can vie for a starting spot on Day 1.

    Trade Jay Ratliff to New Orleans for 6(170) and 7(201)

    6(170) Matt Scott, QB Arizona,

    This is a very intriguing prospect. He is mobile, but more than that, I thought he had a good throw, tight spiral, good decision making in the few videos I saw of him. I think he might go much sooner than this, but as of right now, I see a lot of 7th round grades on him. Ill take him here.

    6(175) Dennis Johnson, RB Arkansas,

    This one might burn a few; another compliment running back from Arkansas. We did just get rid of one. Watch some film of this guy if you haven't seen him yet. He is like a poor man's Ray Rice, Doug Martinish guy. Short, stout, fast. One thing to note; he was patient, but didn't hesitate. Would be a great third down back, reciever type. Didn't get invited to the combine, which is a bit weird because I found him very capable of participating. Makes him much more of a steal.

    7(201) Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR Texas A&M,

    Dosen't have the greatest hands, but is somewhat of a playmaker, could be an option for the return game and compete for 2nd reciever. I havent seen his name thrown around. Maybe I'm missing something on him. He looks like a great option.


    Cameron Lawrence, OLB Miss State
    If this guy goes undrafted, I hope that Jerry can pick him up. Would make a good backup as the SAM linebacker and a strong contributor to the special teams.

    Kip Edwards, CB Missouri
    A good option at corner and special teams contributor.
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    Lots of fun.

    But yes, it is total fantasyland if any of us think Alec Ogletree will be there at pick 47.

    I think I need to look into Armstead more. This is the third time he's come up in just a day or two between here and among outside conversations. I had looked into him awhile ago and wasn't overly impressed, but I really didn't dig too deep. As for "small school"...that does not scare me at all.

    I like Swearinger in the 4th ok too.
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    I like armstead but that is kinda high. I'm not big on ansah at all.
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    i will take that FA/draft and run

    i agree with you that if we let spencer go and sign a DL and an OL in FA (with close to similar money) then that really frees us up in the draft to not have to reach

    good effort sir
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    No DT AND trade away Rat?
    Who's your DL?
  6. Future

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    Ware - Melton - Hatcher - Ansah

    or something like that.
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    It appears that Livings' and Ratliff's base salaries are guaranteed.

    In Ratliff's case, the guaranteed salary would go with him to the new team; however, his 5M base might make him less valuable to the new team in terms of the trade.

    Ezekial Ansah, DE BYU,
    I like the player; however, I expect at least 1 of the top 5 OL to be available at #18. There is no way that I would take Ansah over Warmack or Cooper.

    2(47) Alec Ogletree, SAM Georgia,
    If he falls this far it is due to character issues. The Cowboys will not draft a player, especially in the top 3 rounds, with significant character issues, IMO.

    3(80) Terron Armstead, OT Arkansas Pine-Bluff,
    This seems early for this player.

    4(111) DJ Swearinger, S South Carolina,
    This player could end up in the 2nd round.

    5(144) Alvin Bailey, OG Arkansas,
    Some projections have him in the 3rd round. It's been awhile since I watched game footage of this player. I seem to recall him being more of a power man-blocking type, but I could be think about the wrong player.
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    Ok... I hate that draft.
  9. Gaede

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    This is a good draft and a good read! I like that you picked players that most people don't have us taking.

    Some of it may be unrealistic, but everybody says that about every mock draft at this time. Lots of things change in the next two months and nobody can predict where Ogletree will be available.
  10. Future

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    [​IMG] :laugh2:
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    If your scenarios play out then your mock draft is very good. Unlikely Ogletree falls that far and you will likely have to flip your 3rd and 4th rounders and I am not a fan of the extra 6th and a 7th for Ratliff (not the trade but the picks) but this draft and offseason would be a very good haul for the Cowboys.

    All guys are athletes and have very good intangibles as well. More Garrett RKGs (except for Ogletree).
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    Guess it is hard for me to fathom why anyone would spend a lot of time on fantasyland.

    The mock would be terrible if it just applied to possible pieces.

    FA would be god awful if that dream scenario of yours occurs.
    We'd eat tons of cap space to get back crap for Ratliff and Spencer? That's terrible.

    Even if Melton weren't franchised and kept in Chicago he'd be more than we can afford total out of free agency.

    Livings cost more to cut than to keep yet you cut him? Just silly player and cap mgmt.
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    Then do me a favor, and next time you see a thread of mine, don't open it. I appreciate constructive criticism but I don't need you questioning or judging what I do with my free time. BTW, I saw your mock; good job imitating exactly what everyone else has predicted. Haven't seen Sheldon Richardson, Tony Jefferson, Marquise Goodwin and Marcus Lattimore in a Dallas mock before. Go "fathom" someone else's mock.
  14. jterrell

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    You missed obvious things like the fact trading Ratliff for draft pieces means eating his cap hit ALL this year. That Livings has guaranteed money you eat by cutting him.

    The criticism was constructive IMHO. You are more than allowed to disagree but you aren't allow to post in a public forum then cry that I ignore you.
  15. JDSTAR

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    I am not crying about you ignoring my post. Quite the contrary. You question or "try to fathom" my reasons for putting up a mock that you, YOU find unobtainable. Well, none of us know. The cap space info on Collins and Ratliff was constructive, but don't think for a second you know and do not know what the team is going to do. You put up your own mock draft. It's fantasy because you don't know. It's called a mock; a guess. Don't "try to fathom" what I do, because you are doing the same thing; a Mock draft. So if you think your mock draft is more realistic than mine or any others, just remember, it's still a mock. I called my mock "maddenish" which means I've already disregarded its relevancy. Don't beat the dead horse. Just wanted to put players I haven't already seen in other mocks. Get over yourself.

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