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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by locked&loaded, Jan 10, 2006.

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    say theres no free agency this is how id like the dallas draft to go

    1)winston justice-usc-tackle -blocked lienharts backside all year... matt didnt get threatend and with the cowboys hed be blocking the side the Q could see, some may disagree but i think he should be good

    2.Omar Jacobs-bowling green-QB-could sit for a year, but is a solid runner and passer. didnt play top teams but i saw him play wisconsin (my home team) he ripped um apart. i think he will be good. a mcnabb type player, maybe not as strong arm.

    3.Thomas Howard-U.T.E.P-Olb-fast and agile, good size a little light. but id like to have another lb we can blitz, besides dware. imagine how could our coverage would be if we had a rush...we can move burnett into the middle. *(is this a stretch?)*

    or other picks id like to be used on a center,wr or FS. our centers arnt getting it done. our wr arnt special and we have pretty much no free safety

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    I think Thomas would be too small to play OLB in a 34. However, he is tall so he may be able to put on weight but I don't think he can put on enough. He has narrow hips which probably means he can't carry enough in the trunk to stand up in a 34. As a 43 OLB, I really like the guy. All day motor and exceptional athleticisam and explosion. He's a good prospect.
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    1. Marcus McNeil - the dude is a monster. Perfect size, speed, and strenght for RT
    2. Lutui or Charles Spencer - These guys are beasts. Rivera isn't going to get any better.
    3. Charlie Whitehust - Bledsoe will be the QB for 2 more years. Whitehust has all the physical skills, but needs a few minicamps to get polished. Perfect situation for both parties.
  4. locked&loaded

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    hmm. any ideas. i do think we need to get pressure on the quarterback so who would be a good lb fit? thanks

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    Incidently, there is another player I'm interested in at UTEP. Some may know of him but Jordan Palmer is a Jr. with some nice NFL qualities. He plays in a weak conference, to be sure but the kid is 6-5 230 and has put up some nice numbers over the last 2 seasons.

    Comp 213 Att 366 YDS 2818 Comp% 58.2 YPA 7.7 TDs 26 INTs 18 QBRT 136.48

    Comp 258 Att 434 YDS 3503 Comp% 59.4 YPA 8.07 TDs 29 INTs 19 QBRT 140.54

    The Obvious concerns are there in compatition and what have you but he's definatly got the

    I believe Mike Price is the Head Football coach at UTEP. Price has had his issues but he's definatly a good football coach. You may recall that he was hired as head man at Alabama before he got caught with a stripper in a hotel room. Before that he had very good success in the PAC10 at Washington State where he developed the likes of Gesser, Leaf and none other then Drew Bledsoe himself. This guy coaches NFL offense, particularly pocket passing to young QBs. Palmer is only a Jr. I believe so he probably won't be available till next year but he's definatly somebody I'd be interested in watching.
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    Winston Justice was suspended from the team and school for all of the 2004 season for pointing a gun at a student and charged with picking up a prostitute during the summer of 2004.

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    Well, I like Lawson a whole lot. I think any of the OSU LBs would work well, Woods from Michigan could work. I really like Greenway but he might be too small. Brooks, Roach and while were talking about ILBs, I love Aaron Harris of Texas. Nobody talks about him. Hali from Penn State, maybe Dumervile but it depends how he runs. He's only like 6-0 but goes 250+. Haralson from Tenn. Rucker from USC, Wimble from FSU, Henderson from GTech, Devan Long Oregon, maybe Wyche from Syracuse depending on how he runs. Any of these guys could fit into a 34 OLB position.
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    There will many nice options in the first or secodn rounds this year...will be fun to watch, but here's my ideal for the first three rounds....

    We get an additional 2nd rounder with Ellis trade...

    1) Jay Cutler...doubt he'll be here, but who thought Rodgers would be there at 24 last year...
    2a) Marcus McNeil (if OT's slide some), Jon Scott, Daryn Colledge, O'callahan (who ever staff think is the best fit of available OT's on the board)
    2b) Bobby Carpenter, Kai Parham, Jason Allen, Ko Simpson, Gabe Watson
    3) Martin Nance, D. Williams, Hank Baskett, Spencer Havner, Charles Spencer, Will Allen

    As you can see there are many options this down to land another 2nd or 3rd is a serious option as well, but I'd love to land one of the top OT's with Cutler, then top FS or LB or NT...few options for who falls to us.

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