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    hey, you may or may not believe a player will be available at a certain spot, so don't bash me for that(who really knows who will still be where, i.e. randy moss 1998). Just let me know if you think the picks help the team or not, if you like the picks, and what you would do different. This draft is assuming that there is no deal for howard forthcoming. Obviously, my draft would change if we added him.

    *trade down from #11 to #16 with saints and acquire #40 2nd round
    *trade down from #20 to #29 with indianapolis and acquiure pick #60 2nd round and #129 4th round
    *trad down from #29 to #35 with philly and acquire #77 3rd round and #132 4th round

    new draft order

    1st round #16
    2nd round #'s 35, 40, 42,60
    3rd round #77
    4th round #109, 132
    5th round #148
    6th round #208, 209
    7th round #224

    pick reason
    #16 shawne merriman de need a pass rush more than anything else
    #35 kevin burnett lb need to add playmakers to mediocre lb corps
    #40 roddy white wr youth and speed for wr
    #42 darryl blackstock lb still more depth and talent needed at lb
    #60 antajj hawthorne dt future starter will backup ferg until ready
    #77 vincent fuller s need to add a starter and quality depth at s
    #109 josh bullocks s see above
    #132 matt jones wr can't pass up his rare talent here
    #148 darren sproles rb/kr another meggett for BP?
    #208 brandon jacods rb big back worth a look here, maybe at fb
    #209 jerome mathis wr/kr small school, big talent, lightning fast
    #224 mike nugent k if still on board, we need an upgrade

    the only need not addressed is ol, however, we spent a 2nd and a 3rd on ol last year and never got to see either one of them play. may still add a rt after june 1 cuts and could draft one as well.

    i defend the selection of 2 lbs and 2 s this way. who do we have at linebacker other than dat? james is a question mark and singleton is average at best. all we have left are ndfa. we need more talent at lb and these two will add depth and help out greatly on special teams until ready to start. we need a starter at fs and depth at both s positions. fuller and bullocks give us both as well as improving special teams play. cant really afford to keep hoping that late round and ndfa will fix the safety spot.

    this draft also addresses our youth, depth, and playmaking ability at wr as well as finding a backup or two for julius and a couple of possible return specialists and a kicker. this will give us a lot more playmaking ability all over the defense as well as much needed quality depth for a change. with the wr additions added to morgan, crayton and copper we would have a good group to carry on once keyshawn and glenn retire.

    not likely that all of these players will fall this way or that bill and jerry make as many trades down, but for my money i would be thrilled with this draft.

    i based my picks on information gathered from TSN's draft preview.
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    I like both trades given expected draftees up to 11.
    I dont see the star quality guys at the top so dropping to 16 doesnt hurt my feelings and having 16, 29, 40, 42 and 60 would make a heck of a 1st day.


    16. Alex Barron OT FSU
    29. Kevin Burnett LB Tenn
    40. DeMarcus Ware OLB/DE Troy
    42. Donte Nicholson FS OU
    60. Matt Jones WR Ark
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    Thanks for putting in the effort. Ill give my opinion for what its worth. Personally I don't think we will trade with a division rival and a team that is gonna be bitter if the Howard trade doesn't go down. I think KC is more likely if they don't sign Law and Rolle is there and we have a history with them. TSN draft preview is wacked out if they think Nugent will go in the 7th round.
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    yawn, wake me up in about a month...
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    I really dont think that Merriman will last to pick 16.
    Roddy White will be a first rounder.
    Demarcus Ware will be a first rounder.
    Bullocks will be gone before 109.
    Hawthorne will be off the board before 60.

    Im quite sure of all of these.
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    Nobody ever reads the stickied draft value chart, do they?

    #11 - 1250
    #16 - 1050
    delta = 200
    but #40 = 500

    #20 - 850
    #29 - 640
    delta = 210
    but #60 = 300 and #129 = 43

    #29 - 640
    #35 - 550
    delta = 90
    but #77 = 205 and #132 = 40

    So, for 500 points of trade value, you expect competitive clubs to give you 1088 points of trade value in return.

    Why? What's in it for them?
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    So much for not getting bashed about players being available. Sometimes I think if all these players really were gone, there would only be enough players for about two rounds. As far as players, I like sproles having watched him and think he would be a nice adition as a 3rd down RB. I like Pollack way better than Merriman because of his on the field production and that elusive thing they always say you can't measure in a player, heart. I like Burnett but would prefer brodney pool at safety. White would be a good choice. Blackstock would be ok. I would prefer Luis Castillo over Hawthorne for his run stopping ability. After that, it's a crap shoot.
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    thanks for the input, yeah, we wouldn't make a trade with an interdivisional opponent and n.o. probably would be pissed if we don't deal for howard. oh, btw, i did try to reference the draft value chart but i couldn't get it to work from here. and finally, nugent was rated as a fifth rounder but i kinda just threw him in there for whatever. anyway, i won't do this again...too much time wasted to realize later how foolish it was.
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    keep trying at least it generated discussion. We are too quick on the board to start ripping on people when they put time and effort into a post.
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    >oh, btw, i did try to reference the draft value chart but i couldn't get it to work from here.

    Go about half way down the thread, someone posted the image in the thread itself.

    Ignore the url.


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