Mock Draft with 1 2nd round trade

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysooner, Apr 2, 2012.

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    14- Fletcher Cox. I think there is a ton of value in the defensive line in this draft and Fletcher Cox represents a great combination of safety and upside within the group. He has good film, but he is far from a finished product. He was a standout defender without the advantage of other great players around him.
    I would definitely pick Coples if he is on the board at 14. It is not a thought of a trade down or any other player on the board save a quarterback or Morris Claiborne.

    This group of defensive linemen is very interesting. As a group they are very athletic, but the tape is mixed. Many of them are junior entries and 1 is a sophomore with a position switch. I kind of separate them in 2 groups. Coples, Cox, Brockers and Poe. Then Still, Worthy and Reyes. In the first group, any of those guys have the ability to be an all pro or perennial pro bowler. 2 of them could be draft busts (Brockers and Poe) but they are also have the highest upside (Kevin Williams/Seymour for Brockers and Ngata for Poe). Coples and Cox will provide the most pass rush skill but neither can just wreck an offensive scheme like the other 2. If we were playing in a 4-3, I might take a chance on Brockers, but in a 3-4 that needs another penetrator I will happily take Cox. I think his down side is Jason Jones and his upside is a better Antonio Smith.

    I expect Still, Worthy and Reyes to go between 20-35. I think every one of those last 3 will be good players as 3 or 5 techniques. Only Poe could play some nose.

    45 trade with New England for 61, 91 and 126. The points pretty well match up though we might throw in a 7th. I would expect New England to have an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick from trading out of the 1st so I could definitely see them moving back up the board to pick 3 top 50 players (they own 48 from Oakland).

    61 Bruce Irvin. I have come to the conclusion that the coaches love Spencer and want to keep him long term. The question then becomes how to make that work. Improving the front 3 pass rush and or push and getting an outside rusher for 3rd downs is a great way to do it. Rob Ryan could do alot of exotic things with Spencer, Ware and Irvin. You could definitely get one of those guys on a running back on 3rd down. If Vinny Curry is around I'd definitely consider him as well. Neither one will ever be as good as Spencer at the point of attack stuff. If I'm getting rid of Spencer I probably don't trade out of 45 and take McClellan.

    81 Brandon Brooks: There are a ton of good guards in this draft. Some of them are going to be available in the 3rd round. There is no way 3 centers (Konz, Jones, Blake) and 6 guards(DeCastro, Glenn, Aminu, Osemelle, Zeitler are all off the board in the first 80 picks. I'd bet on one of those guards being there plus Brandon Washington who is another good player. If Jayron Hosley is anywhere close to this pick I'd move up to get him and take Washington or Blake with 91.

    91 Trumane Johnson/ or Jamel Fleming: Much like guards this is the deep part of the pool. I'd like to swim there if possible. Both are very physical corners Fleming had a combine record 60 yard shuttle time. If they are gone there are several corners who are good replacements. You could also find a good receiver or tight end here.

    113 Ryan Broyles: He is a walk in starter in the slot. Without an injury he was on his way to back to back 1,600+, 12 td+ seasons. He is like Witten that he can find holes in the zones and make 1st downs. He can also beat good corners as he abused Florida State's guys multiple times. His downside is Davone Bess his upside in Welker. There is not a better value pick in this draft. Should be a 2nd round pick.

    126: I might package this pick with 81 or 91 to go up a make sure I got one of those players or if something crazy happened and Josh Robinson or was still on board at the end of the 2nd or Ioloka/Orson Charles in the middle of the 3rd. Otherwise, I hope Malik Jackson or Josh Chapman is around and take one of them.

    135: Coryell Judie- Good corner with injury problems last year. Should be a round (or 2) higher.

    152: Quinton Saulsberry C- a horrible athlete that blocks people very well. If one the Texas linebackers fell here I'd take them.

    186: Vontaze Burfict- Horrible guy who is lazy but he does have elite ability if you can get is out of him.

    225: Bryce Brown, idiot of Kansas State, Tennessee and Miami. He has elite burst and size but he is an idiot. Worth the risk at 225. I'd love Russel Wilson here or the pick above.
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    Why would NE trade up?
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    Because they are going to end up with more picks than available spots on their team if they trade out of the 1st to get a 2nd rounder/3rd rounder and a next year's one like they do each year. I've assumed they have already traded 31.

    They need corners and outside linebackers. All the 3-4 teams pick in front of them and they may want to walk out of the draft with a Gilmore, McClellan, Robinson + a first rounder next year.

    If not them then any team at the bottom of the 2nd/ top of the 3rd. Green Bay would be an excellent candidate because they have a ton of comp picks and not that many roster spots.
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    Assuming no 2nd round trade:

    1) Cox
    2) Josh Robinson
    3) Brooks
    4) Broyles
    4b) Judie
    5) Saulsberry

    I'd definitely be interested in a free safety at 135 but I think Judie will be a better player than the safety population, so I'd find a safety and blocking tight end immediately after the draft and also that would be a focus of my UDFA's.

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