Mock draft with Trades by Carolinacowpoke (Long)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Carolinacowpoke, Apr 22, 2005.

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    I put this together by trying to get the most versitile, coachable players that could fit in both schemes.

    #1-11 trade to Carolina. It makes sense to me. I think Mike Williams is still on the board at this time and They will give us a 3 and a 5(next yr) for trading spots.

    #1-14 Demarcus Ware. He may be there later in the round but I think Merriman is gone by this pick and Bill and Jerry won't risk a further trade down. Ware will be a monster for us!

    #1-20 trade to G-bay. Again it makes sens. There will be a QB on the board that them and cleveland will want to trade with Dallas for. I say Dallas stays in the 1st. round.

    #1-24 Shaun Cody. Not as a DT though, I see Bill converting him to a strong side DE. He's stong (34 reps most in class) and fast enough to take on the OT's in the league. He'll be a probowler in two years!

    #2-10 OT Marcus Johnson. He's a Beast! Not only does he solve our RT problem but could even move over to LT in a few years if Rogers turns out to be a bust.

    #3-15 (from Carolina) DT Anthony Bryant. Leo Carson is to small to play the Nose. Bryant will start out backing up Fergusen and then eventually push him out of a starting job in three years.

    #3-25(from gbay) WR Jerome Mathis. I know, he doesn't solve the problem of an elite #1 receiver but what we get is the fastest rookie in the NFL returning punts and kickoffs for a few years until he's got Terry Glenns position down. Also heard that BP personally put the stop watch to this guy at the combine and was impressed.

    #4-8 Sean Considine FS. This is kinda of late to be taking a position of need but BP and Jerry will not reach in this draft. I don't know if this guy ever cracks the starting lineup but he will be a special teams demon. It should also help up get rid of Lynn Scott!

    #5-12 RB Kay-Jay Harris. I know a lot of people think BP is wanting Clarrett, but I have a feeling somebody is Going to "reach" for him in the 4th round. Kay-Jay is better anyway and provides us with a big backup with a little speed to Julius.

    #6-34 ILB Jordan Beck. High motor/coachable guy

    #6-35 DT Tim Bullman See above.

    #7-10 FB Mathew Tant. This guy will be coveted by a lot of teams if he goes undrafted. That why BP pulls the trigger here on this "old School" type of player.

    O.K. I got it out of my system. Here's to the cowboys having a great day Sat & Sun.
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    A lot of people would storm Valley Ranch if MW were on the board and we traded out. Hos would lead the charge.
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    People need to take their heads out of their butt's over MW.

    If he's there trade down, get extra picks and take some difference makers on D.
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    Amen Brother! There is no offensive player in this draft that will make us as good as any of several defensive players.

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