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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Manwiththeplan, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Manwiththeplan

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    Let me preface this by saying we
    -resign KKosier
    -resign SBowen (Hatcher and Spears walk)
    -resign ABall (moved back to CB)
    -resign DFree (is he a RFA? or UFA?)
    -resign GSensabaugh
    -cut MBarber III
    -cut MColombo
    -cut LDavis
    -cut KBrookings
    -Sign Logan Mankins
    -Sign Champ Bailey (we move either him or Newman to FS)

    Then on draft day we swap picks with the Rams so they can select Julio Jones and we pick up a third rounder.

    1.) Gabe Camiri, OT, Wisconsin
    This pick will be about 13th and I'd be cool with taking Camiri here. Many won't like it, but I think he's gonna be a corner stone for us for years to come.
    2.) Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa
    Real steal here. Likely will drop due to his sub par senior season, but could be a very good fit in a 3-4.
    3a.) Kendrick Ellis, NT, Hampton
    Massive guy, has some character concerns, but looks like he could be dominate force against the run. He can rotate in with Josh Brent, which allows Ratliff to play DE.
    3b.) John Mofit, G/C, Wisconsin
    The Great Wall of Wisconsin is re-united. Has some experience at center, but looks like he could be a dominant RG.
    4.) Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon
    Would be great, but someone will over draft him based on his name. Would be great to have him, but he's awfully similar to Sean Lee. May be best to groom a bruiser behind Bradie James.
    5.) Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU
    May just be overkill at this point, but this gives us a lot of young options on the offensive line
    6.) Mark LeGree, S, Appalachin State
    I give everyone who mentions him a hard time, but in the 6th why not. But looking at his size (listed at 6'0 likely means he's 5'11 at best) I think he's gonna be a SS at the pro level
    7.) Allen Bradford, RB, USC
    7th round, couldn't think of anyone else
  2. casmith07

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    Not bad, but having seen our front 7 struggle immensely, I think re-signing Marcus Spears for the right price should be a priority. We are simply not the same up front without him in there to take on double teams and free up linebackers to make plays.
  3. JeffInDC

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    This is one of the best "Mocks" I've seen anyone come up with. I swear by the Draft Exchange's Player Projections, and (based on those) these picks fall right in line with where they have many of them projected. Bradford (from what I've seen from him) could EASILY replace Barber as the power back. However, Legree will be a FS at the next level. His instincts are awesome, and, even though his 40 time isn't great, he has shown great range on the back end.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    If the online is addressed with decent players I am happy.

    It is a not flashy mock draft but more of a meat and potatoes draft and right now that is ok with me.

    Now there are other players I would love to get that would fit more of a flashy type of draft.

    But I can not complain about a meat and taters draft that addresses our O-line which needs to be overhauled.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Good mock. Mine is real similar and I have 3-4 of the same players on mine right now. I've been against moving Ratliff to DE from the first time it was mentioned, but I've got to say that I'm leaning more that way. I just can't stand to see Igor out there anymore, and Rat got abused in the middle this season. I agree with casmith that Dallas needs to re-sign Spears, and I'd ink Bowen too. A front three of Spears, Ellis, and Ratliff with Bowen, Brent, Olshansky, and Lissemore backing them up would be a vast improvement in my opinion, and it would be accomplished with only one new addition.
  6. casmith07

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    But I would like to see our starting offensive line next year consist of:

    Free - Mankins - Gurode (probably his last year) - Kosier - Carimi

    Young as swing tackle, Holland as swing guard, Costa as backup Center, and one more backup lineman. Carry 9 linemen on game days.

    I'm not opposed to not starting Holland either. Guy was a wall/bulldozer in the limited action he saw.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Agreed. Our run D hasn't been the same without him.
  8. UnoDallas

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    I could take that O line
  9. UnoDallas

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    I just don't want to throw big money out the like Jerry did with Davis

    OG Robert Gallery (7) Raiders
    OG Chris Chester (5) Ravens
    OG Tony Moll (5) Ravens
    OG Davin Joseph (5) Bucs
    OT-OG Marshal Yanda (4) Ravens
    OG Justin Blalock (4) Falcons
    OG Harvey Dahl (4) Falcons
    OG Carl Nicks (3) Saints

    I am looking for one of these guys
  10. Manwiththeplan

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    You can't compare Logan Mankins with Leonard Davis. Davis was a bust as tackle (should always have been a guard tho) and honestly a player at his weight and size can only hold up for so long. Mankins has been a very good guard for years and Mankins is about 45 pounds lighter
  11. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Sherrod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Carimi

    Another thing, why do you assume LeGree would have to move to SS because of his height? All of the top free safeties in the NFL are under 6 feet.

    Jairus Byrd, Chris Harris Brandon Merriweather, Nick Collins, Earl Thomas(he's actually 5'9), Atogwe, Bethea, Brian Dawkins etc......

    Don't get that logic at all.
  12. UnoDallas

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    I was just talkin the money part
  13. Manwiththeplan

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    It's the height and weight combo. Don't know how many of those guys were 200 pounds in college, but most players add weight when they're in the NFL, so I think he may be a better fit at SS, I may be wrong.

    As far as Sherrod goes, he's certainly more athletic, but Camiri is better in just about everything else. And he fits what we need better

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