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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyHawg2012, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Ive posted multiple times here before with little response, despite what i feel like is good insight(dont we all though). Here's how I would build my draft....please let me know what you think

    1. David DeCastro G Stanford
    Ive been preaching about this guy for months now and have been emphatic about him since ive joined this bored. 1st round is about starters, i believe you dont take needy risks in the 1st unless you want to end up like the Jags who have a brutal, brutal, horrifying history of taken potential over safe picks. DeCastro is plug and play... for 10 years. brings a nastiness on every down that you cant teach. If we dont get him, ill be heart broken.

    2. Stephon Gilmore CB USCE/ Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin
    my first choice in this round is Gilmore, a big, long CB that tackles well, is physical, knows how to blitz and has upside. You can never be too deep at CB and with Jenkins gone after next year, and his injury history, he can provide great depth and be brought along to replace Jenkins after we boot him. If not him, Zeitler is the guy. I know we signed 2 guys and just drafted DeCastro, but you know, the patriots double dipped at TE a couple years ago and it seems to be working well. A OLine core of Smith/DeCastro/Free/Zeitler is phenomenal, really really makes the line a position of strength, and you win in the trenches. Wisconsin always puts good lineman in the league and Im a big fan of this one.

    3. Antonio Allen S USCE
    Outside of DeCastro and 2-3 others in this draft, I love Allen. Now he is not a starter immediately, but could push for it soon and will see plenty of the field in subpackages. Guy has a crazy crazy nose for the ball, more in the box safety, but he is big, physical as hell, and a great run defender and blitzer. dont believe me... please watch and tell me you dont put him on the field. At the very least, he is a special teams monster and we have suffered in that area

    4.Mike Martin DT Michigan
    Martin is one of the other guys I love in this draft and cant understand why we arnt jumping on his ship. He would be a perfect perfect fit for what we are looking for at DE. His 44 reps at the combine speak for itself, he also ran a 4.84....I really hope he is around at this point. I really think he can start from game 1. Stocky, powerful man that can control the point of attack and plays with a relentless motor and even get after the QB, very intelligent as well. He and DeCastro bring the mentality I want from this team.

    5. Josh Chapman DT Alabama
    Another big boy up front. I dont understand how the anchor of the historic Bama D goes so unnoticed. Big man, clogs up lanes. and if anybody ever questions his toughness: he played the end of the season with a torn ACL....most pansies miss a season. let him heal, he could be the answer to finally moving ratliff over to DE

    6. Cliff Harris CB/ST Oregon
    This guy was once a 1st round lock and has fallen extremely far b/c of discipline. This is where im willing to gamble and for good reasons, he is a special teams stud that can play coverages and returns and could develop into a starter. once again adds depth to our secondary, contributes on special teams immediately, and could develop into a starter

    7. Greg Childs WR Arkansas
    Poor Greg looked to be a first round lock in 2010 but a knee injury really set him back. post injury childs wasnt nearly as good, but i think with professional rehab, he could return to form. recently ran a 4.43 at Arky pro day which is a good sign, if you forgot what pre-knee injury greg looked like. here you go

    Sorry long winded I know. but what do yall think? i think a lot of these guys get taken before where we pick but who knows, i have no idea what other teams big boards look like.
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    Interesting. 2 NT only types in Martin and Chapman. Not a fan of Gilmore in Cowboys' current scheme. Ryan prefers his corners to press. And I don't mean press and bail.

    Gilmore is better in man off or zone.
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    I don't think Martin and C hapman last until the 4 and 5 rds

    plus we won't touch Harris

    but now give me Childs
  4. M'Kevon

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    Can't see drafting two DTs. One blue chipper, maybe (Cox), but otherwise, UDFAs for camp.
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    no passrushing help. After what we did in FA. I rather get cox in round 1. And go after a guard in 2 or 3.
  6. fortdick

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    No center? Guess Costa gets another chance?
  7. CowboyHawg2012

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    Mike martin is pass rushing help. and he would play DE for us. Martin senior bowl was highly impressive, he showed an extremely strong bull rush, beat up on cordy glenn and others and had the intelligence to use a rip move when linemen set up for bull rush AND ran a 4.84 at combine. if chapman recovers well he kicks ratliff to DE

    I fail to see how this doesnt upgrade our pass rush AND run defense....
  8. CowboyHawg2012

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    plus I dont understand where Martin is NT only? he looks like a phenomenal 3-4 DE to me
  9. CATCH17

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    I love the Cliff Harris gamble in the 6th.

    The one could pay off.
  10. CowboyHawg2012

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    Anyone else have thoughts? id really like some feedback
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    Love the DeCastro pick. Agree plug in a play for 10 years. Hopefully team learned from the success of Smith last year. Would prefer a pass rusher in round two. Bruce Irvin OLB from West Virginia would be a nice addition.
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    #1 David DeCastro, G, Stanford
    #2 Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
    #3 Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M
    #4 Cliff Harris, CB, Oregon
    #5 Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin
    #6 Jeff Allen, T, Illinois
    #7 Ronald Leary, G, Memphis

    Does seem realistic, I defiantly think Poe is out of the picture.

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