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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by zorg222, Apr 18, 2005.

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    Round 1
    49ers Alex Smith(QB)

    Dolphins Ronnie Brown

    Browns Aaron Rodgers

    Bears Cedric Benson

    Bucs Carnell Williams

    Titans Adam Jones

    *Vikings Braylon Edwards

    Cardinals Derrick Johnson

    Redskins Mike Williams

    Lions Shawne Merriman

    Cowboys DeMarcus Ware

    *Chargers Alex Barron

    Texans Antrell Rolle

    Panthers Troy Williamson

    Chiefs Marcus Spears

    Saints David Pollack

    Bengals Carlos Rogers

    Vikings Travis Johnson

    Rams Erasmus James

    *Cowboys Mark Clayton

    Jaguars Ernest Shazor

    Ravens Roddy White

    Seahawks Justin Miller

    Packers Dan Cody

    Broncos Jason Campell

    Jets Jammal Brown

    Falcons Justin Tuck

    Chargers Matt Roth

    Colts Kevin Burnett

    Steelers Matt Jones

    Eagles Antajj Hawthorne

    Patriots Marlin Jackson

    *=traded for

    I have Heath Miller dropping in this one even though many may disagree. I was in a dilemma with Arizona's pick since there were no RBs left and I know they wouldn't take another WR so I just went with DJ. They could get a RB in the 2nd round.

    Anyways, thoughts?
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    My thought is if the 1-10 picks go this way and the Cowboys pass on Rolle, I'll shoot the TV
  3. zorg222

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    I would definitely take Rolle if he was there at #20, but not #11. We need a pass rusher worse than anything else and Ware is an excellent pass rusher. FS can be adressed in the 2nd round as far as I see it. DE/LB and WR should come first unless there is some stud FS at #20 (like Rolle).
  4. Pointguard01

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    Yea, I like Rolle a lot but we need a DE who can get at the pass before we need a FS. I hope he there at #20, but its unlikely. Not bad, but if MW, Edwards, and DJ are all gone by #11, I'd like to trade down.

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