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    Thought I might try and throw a little something out there as this time of year is always interesting for me.

    This mock is based on the picks we have now and will use no trade projections. However, I would love to see us trade 28 to Detroit for Williams and there 2nd rd pick (46). However, since that is not what we have on hand, I will go with the picks we currently have.

    Rd 1.

    (22) Mike Jenkins CB South Florida - This is, IMO, the biggest need we currently have on the team. A third DB capable of covering man to man and eventually developing into a starting CB and corner stone of our defense. Cason would work as well but he may be gone by this pick and so, Jenkins would also work well here IMO.

    (28) Beau Bell ILB UNLV - I've watched this kid play. He is an outstanding talent IMO. He needs to learn technique a bit better but he has a mean streak and creates impact that stops ball carriers. He has the ability to pass rush and is a solid tackler. He can play inside or outside but I believe he fits a 34 well. He is still a bit on the light side at 245 but he has the speed and quickness to cover in space. He just needs time to develope. Ultra productive with 279 tackles in 29 games played. That's and average of almost 10 tackles a game. Do not be fooled by publications. Most have not seen this guy play because he plays for UNLV in the MWC. This guy can play. He reminds me of a young Ray Lewis but bigger. When he tests at the combine, the 28th pick of the 1st round may not be high enough to get him.

    2nd Rd.

    (61) Frank Okam DT Texas - Many might consider this a reach and if he doesn't play to potential, it might end up being just that. However Okam is the most talented DL in college football. Seriously, he has more talent then anybody else coming out IMO. He has been nicked up and has not produced the results somebody with his natural ability should but the talent is definatly there. This guy could be as good as anybody coming out in the last 15 years. He is the NT you need that can crush the pocket and demand doubles every snap. With this kind of pressence at NT, imagine what kind of havok, Ware, Ellis and Spencer can create on a regular basis. With Fergy getting older and Tank a bit undersized for the position, Okam could be that key guy that would make our defense unstopable. Would also allow us to move Spears, if a trade could be worked out and the postion move of Ratliff to end.

    3rd Rd.

    (93) James Hardy WR Indiana - Hardy is an interesting prospect. He could go higher depending on his workout but at 6-6, 220 pounds, he has average speed at 4.6 but he is a long strider. He has the tools you look for in a WR and he is an exceptional athlete. Recruited to Indiana as a Basketball player, he has excelled at WR and continues to improve. He could project to a 1st round talent but I don't think he will be. Time will tell but he is the WR I would consider bringing in and grooming as the eventual replacement for TO.

    4th Rd.

    (128) Steve Slaton RB West Virginia - A few weeks ago, I never would have expected to have Slaton targeted in the 4th rd but as deep as this RB class is, and the fact that Slaton is smaller and has sustained an injury in the bowl game, I think it might be a possability to see Slaton in this area. Of course, he could go sooner but he may just be there. If he is, we should take him and never look back. Slaton is an electric player that makes things happen on the football field. He catches the ball, he runs with heart, he leaves everything on the field. Much will depend on how quickly he can get back into shape after the injury but this is exactly the kind of player that would compliment Barber and be that home run guy you bring in to change the pace, once Barber has softened the defense up a bit. An excellent 3rd down back that can take it to the house any time he touches the ball. Not just a straight line speed guy. He has excellent vision and quick feet. Very ellusive. If Slaton is not there, then probably Charles of Texas but Slaton would be my guy if I could get him at this spot.

    5th Rd.

    (164) Dre Moore DE Maryland - Size and athletic ability are off the charts for this guy. He is listed at 6-4, 311 lbs and can run a 4.95 40. He also has burst. He played DT at Maryland but I would project him to DE in a 34. He has only played football since his Sr. year in HS but development is the key word for this player. He can be as good as he wants to be. This guy has tremendous strength and quickness. He also has a bit of a mean streak in him. doesn't use his hands well, plays poor technique too often and doesn't have the polished pass rush skills but as a developmental project, he is about as good as they come. If he figures it out, he could be a bad dream for OLs across the league.

    6th Rd.

    (202) Doug Legrusky C Marshall - Doug is your typical Center in that he is intelligent, hard working and tough. 4 year starter, taking the starting job at Center mid-way through his freshman year. Legrusky is not only strong but he has good size at 6-4, 311 lbs. and excellent feet. He runs a 4.9 40, which is a remarkable time, for his size. Technique is solid. Plays with good balance and uses leverage well when locked up on opposing DLs. Has the foot speed to get to the second level for the block and best of all, his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

    7th Rd.

    (241) Dennis Dixon QB Oregon - Dixon is a 6'4, 207 lb do it all athlete with 4.6 speed and ellusiveness pooring out of his game. He has really improved as a QB but I think he might end up being a WR at the next level. His body is just not able to put on the bulk he would need to play QB at the next level IMO. He is a runner so he won't be the guy who stands in the pocket and picks you apart. He will get hit. With his size, I just don't see it. However, he is a good enough athlete that I believe he might make an excellent WR project or maybe even a nice FS. Dixon will do anything asked of him on the field. As productive as he was in college, and he was ultra productive, he has no ego. I believe that he could come into the NFL and have the right attitude to make a position change and be succesful. Work ethic, intelligence and natural ability is all there. Shows up to play in big games. He will compete and he will compete at the very highest level against the best compatition. He was drafted in the 5h Rd by the Braves but I don't know if he wants to play Baseball or not. Injury is what might make this player slide. If he is available in the late rounds, I would definatly take a flyer on him.
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    Jenkins wont make it past the Saints. Their secondary is atrocious and he is the highest rated CB in the draft.

    Speedwise, Lewis destroys Bell

    I am a UT homer, but Okam is not a guy I want in Dallas. When he wants to play he is a beast. Sometimes he doesnt want to play.

    Hardy may go in the first, but most likely early to mid 2nd

    I am not impressed with Slaton. The guy that replaced him in the Fiesta Bowl impressed me more.

    I dont want Dixon......he just had a serious surgery a few months injury that takes at least a year to recover from.
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    I love Bell and he had been creeping up most boards for the last month, but his senior bowl practices haven't been kind. I'm hoping he can be had in the 2nd. I just don't think we would take him in the 1st. I wanted David Harris last year and he ended up going in round 2, Bell should fall there himself.
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    I'm not being argumentive ABQ but did you include Dorsey when you said that Okam was the best DT in the land?

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    I never said he was the best DT in the land. I said he was the most talented DL, not just DT, coming out this year. Okam has unbelievable talent. His size, speed and quickness combination are as good as it gets. From a talent level, he is the most talented. Dorsey is a much more intense player. He works harder and so, the results are much better IMO. Okam is a boom or bust player. He has the talent to be a rare player IMO. The question is, will the coaching staff that drafts him be able to bring it out of him?

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    Jenkins might be off the board before we have an opportunity to draft him, that's true. This is why I say Jenkins or Cason. Honestly, I think that Cason might end up being the highest rated CB before it's all said and done with. He would actually be my choice, over Jenkins. I have seen Cason listed as a 4.5 guy. There is no part of me that beleives he can not run a 4.4 time. In addition to that, Cason gets faster down the field. He may actually turn out to be a pretty good FS prospect. Cason does it with position and technique. Very intelligent player. He's what we have been missing in our defensive backfield since Woody left. He's a guy who is a leader. I would rather take Cason but I just don't believe that he will be there. I think Cason rises in the draft. If he's there, I'd be very happy with him. However, I think Jenkins might end up being the guy who is available. I don't think he is going to stay listed as the top CB in this draft. JMO.

    Lewis was not considered all that fast coming out, as I recall. As I recall, Lewis was a 6-1, 245 lb. backer who was not special and too small. He was drafted 26th in 2000, I believe. He had excellent latteral movement and ran well, for a middle LB but he was not considered fast. Dan Morgan was fast. He was a 6'2, 240 lb LB who ran a 4.5. Bell is a 6'3, 245 lbs guy who will translate to ILB. He runs a 4.6, 4.65 type speed but, he has excellent latteral movement. If your looking at him as an OLB, then I'd probably agree that his speed is nothing special. However, as an ILB, he has plenty of speed and quickness to get the job done, IMO.

    Hardy could be a 1st rd guy but maybe not. He is not very polished and will need to develop. 2nd rd may be better but he could also be there in the 3rd. If he runs a 4.6 at the combine, I can see him being around in that area. Time will tell.

    I don't know how anybody who has watched Slaton say that they are not impressed with him. I mean, all the guy does is make plays. 3 straight 1000+ yard seasons, 3923 yards in three seasons, 5.9 YPC over his career. 4728 total yards rushing and receiving and 55 career TDs and he's only a Jr. The guy runs tough, does anything you ask him to do. He's just a great football player IMO. I would take him on my team any day of the week. I mean, yes, Devine looked good running the ball in place of Slaton but 1 game does not a career make. Slaton has put up the numbers and he has the break away speed we need at the position. I love the guy.

    Dixon is a pretty special player. In the 7th round, you look for guys who might have something. Dixon has it. Yeah, he's injured but what are you going to be drafting in the 7th?

    That's how I see it anyway.
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    Nice effort there ABQ.

    Two things trouble me. :)

    #1 is taking another LB in the first round. I just for the life of me can't see that happening.

    Likewise I can't see a DT being taken during the first day of the draft. I think the chances are greater of drafting 2 corners on day 1 or adding another offensive lineman.
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    i heard hes been getting pushed around in the senior bowl...

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    Understandable Mike. Keep in mind, this is only what I would do. By no means do I expect the Boys to be nearly as sensible :D .

    The problem I have with our defense is that we have issues stopping the run, right up the middle. We also do not do a good enough job of caving the pocket. To me, we have to get better at that in order to take full advantage of Ware and Ellis. Ratliff is our most effective NT but his best position is probably DE. Tank is an interesting guy but he seems to take himself out of plays more then he actually makes any. The Giants ran on us, up the middle every game we played against them. To me, that is a position that needs to be locked down if we are to be a great defense. The ILB is just simply a matter of production. We are not getting a whole lot of it and that should not be the case. If our picks were a bit higher, I would have gone a different way with these. To me, these are guys that I think will be available at the spots we currently have. This is not to say that these are the players I would pick if I could have my pick of any of the propects. Just who I think will be available.

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    I've read some of those reports as well. I guess time will tell. As I said, I have seen this player play a lot. I just think he's going to be a good one but I've certainly been wide of the mark on these sorts of things before.

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