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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Nov 14, 2004.

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    Romo steps in and gets team turned around.

    Trade Henson to Arizona for an early 2

    1 D Johnson! LB
    1 A Hawthorne DT
    2 Carlos Rogers CB
    2 James Butler FS
    4 Canty - DE Stud DE with Injury issues


    James Butler
    S, Georgia Tech
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Is most comfortable in coverage. Shows great leaping ability. Excels at reading quarterbacks' eyes. Height allows him to match up against taller receivers. Is a consistent big-play threat. Shines in run support with great open-field tackling skills. Is a true student-athlete. Has a tireless work ethic both in the film room and the classroom. Is a leader with great intangibles both on and off the field.

    Weaknesses: Has only one season of starting experience. Needs to improve technique and awareness. Has decent speed, but it's not enough for him to stay with the fastest of receivers. Must bulk up and get stronger to become more effective at the line of scrimmage.

    Bottom line: Butler, an All-Academic ACC performer, is limited by his lack of top-end speed and bulk. But his instincts, intangibles and intelligence and another excellent year for the Yellow Jackets will secure him a first- or second-round selection.
  2. Tio

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    ROFLMAO....Nors, do you have a thing for the inderdog, and do you despise talent at the qb position? Romo won't see the field, he is second on the depth chart, after having a years worth more experiance than henson.
  3. Nors

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    That is NORS favorite cartoon -
  4. dbair1967

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    Thank God you arnt running the team

  5. Avery

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    I like your picks though I'd like to see some offense in there.

    I won't comment on the Henson trade.
  6. Midswat

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    What else would you expect from a guy with a Quincy avatar . . . :rolleyes:
  7. shnagy

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    Exactly what I was thinking. :cool:
  8. Nors

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    Nope - attack an avatar! :rolleyes:

    Thats a great draft there. Put me in charge - we would have a better product on the field! :D
  9. Verdict

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    Are you still a Quincy supporter.....REALLY?
  10. Rack Bauer

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    Josh McCown has been solid for the Cards in his FIRST year as a starter. They won't be trading a second round pick for a player that hasn't played football in 3+ years. They won't be trading any picks for Henson.

    As usual, the whole idea behind your mock, for lack of a harsher word, sucks.
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    Talk about an appropriate Thread title.

  12. Juke99

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    Nors, you are speaking about yourself in the third person?

    How about changing your name to "Dat Nors" :)
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    If we could slip the same drug into what the Cards are drinking that the Eagles slipped into what the Phins were drinking, we may be able to convince them to go to bed with Henson and give up there #2 to us. Or maybe not :p

    I see Nors get bashed a lot for his opinions, but I'm wondering why some of you are bashing this mock. If it's over for Woodson, we need a FS in a bad way. We know we need someone beside Glover. What team wouldn't want DJ? CB is another obvious weakness, maybe the weakest link. Don't know much about Canty, but our front 4 sure aren't quick or fast, and Wiley shouldn't be here.

    I can't argue with the success rate of a team with a stout D and a average O. That draft could get is moving in that direction.

    Of course I'm still holding faith for JJ. From what I've read and just from what I know of some players that are projected to go later, RB is deep in this draft. Maybe we pick up another rb. Who knows, maybe Lee gets some hand offs and at least proves to be a good enough backup. They may be old, but Key, Terry, and Morgan is a pretty good top 3. Witten obviously helps the passing game.

    So far, things point to the D needing more help than the O. And at least we already have hope of a good RB and QB for the future. But if Mike Williams falls to us....snatch him up ;)
  14. Tio

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    "mock nors"

    Too easy! where should I start...
  15. Rack Bauer

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    I was thinking the exact same thing.

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