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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by gmoney112, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. gmoney112

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    This mock is assuming we release Spencer and Lissemore emerges as a starting end for us.


    Evan Mathis. He's only in Philly for a one year contract. He's not attached to that franchise. He's a beast.
    Shaun Hill. Backup.
    Laurent Robinson. Self explanatory.
    Stanford Routt. Ryan convinces him.
    Paul Soliali. Massive nosetackle. Will start with Brent rotating. Ratliff is kicked to end. Will probably be our most expensive acquisition.

    (20) Vinny Curry OLB. Marshall. I think he'll hop into the first round and will be available with a trade down. With the trade down we acquire an extra 3rd.

    (46) Leonard Johnson CB Iowa State. Impressed at Senior Bowl, is a feisty CB that isn't afraid to mix it up. Our depth at CB needs a drastic overhaul and he'll give us a lot of leverage in the future with upcoming contracts. Having quality corners is a must in the NFC.

    (74) Trade 3rd and 5th and move up 8 spots to select Joe Adams. WR/KR/PR Arkansas. Electrifying. As a slot receiver and returner he's able to take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. He gives us a full time returner and also an asset at WR.

    (83) Coby Fleener. TE Stanford. Witten's eventual replacement. Marty B will be released and this guy will take his place. Not the best blocker but a legitimate receiving threat and with time will be an excellent TE. Who better to learn under?

    (113) Jerry Franklin. ILB Arkansas. The youth movement is in full effect along the LB core. Active. Athletic. Will develop nicely with Lee/Carter.

    I only did the first 4 rounds because after that it's a crapshoot. I could see us taking another center/guard prospect as well and another fat guy for the DL. I thought this year's safety class was too weak to really warrant a top pick. I think we'll either resign Abe or take another cheap FA.

    DL: Soliali, Brent, Ratliff, Lissemore, Hatcher, Spears.
    LB: Ware, Lee, Carter, Butler, Curry, Franklin
    CB: Jenkins, Scandrick, Routt, Johnson
    Safeties: Elam? Sensabaugh, Church

    QB: Romo, Shaun Hill, Mcgee
    OL: Smith, Free, Mathis, Nagy, Arkin, Kiwi, Parnell
    RB: Felix, Murray, Tanner
    WR: Dez, Austin, Robinson, Adams, Harris/Holmes/Radway
    FB: Fiametta
    TE: Witten, Fleener, Phillips

    Do your worst CZ
  2. tm1119

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    Love the FA signings, hate the draft. Curry is going to have to time very well at the combine to get drafted by a 3-4 team. I've read a few reports that have him as a 4-3 end only as of now. Also, don't like Johnson over Minnifield, Hosely, or Boykin as 2nd round corners. Don't mind the other 3 picks, but Curry and Johnson as our 1st 2 picks would be extremely disappointing.
  3. robert70x7

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    I've seen Minnifield jumping into the first round in some drafts lately. I'm getting more worried that he won't be there at 45.
  4. Future

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    I'm not a huge fan of any of this, other than Mathis, especially the part where we don't address safety at all. That's just as big a need as corner imo.
  5. tm1119

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    Definitely wouldn't surprise me. I could see the Pats liking him at 31 since their secondary is pretty pitiful. Also, Clev, Min, and Jax are all real possibilities in the early 2nd. Unless he has a bit of a flop at the combine I'd say he will more than likely he'll be gone. Boykin and Hosely are strong man cover corners and 1 of them should be there in the 2nd if we dont go CB at 14.
  6. robert70x7

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    Pats took Dowling last year, also from Virginia. Good thing it is a deep corner class though.
  7. casmith07

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    Horrible draft, good free agency signings.
  8. Oh_Canada

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    Similar refrain...don't mind the FA choices, but the first two draft picks are a little weak.

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