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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DezBRomo9, Mar 8, 2011.

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    First of all, most people here aren't in favor of seeing Tyron Smith in the first, especially at 9. But selecting an OT closer to the middle of the round seems to be where the value and extra picks picked up in the process of trading down.

    Therefore we trade down from #9 to #16 from Jacksonville and we get #80 and #113 too.

    #16. Gabe Carmini OT Wisconsin
    We get a true RT and takes over for Columbo from day one. Carmini will be our Backup LT while we use either Brewster or get someone else to be the backup swing tackle. Barron's arse is gone.

    #40. Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    Smith starts to slip, he could sneak into round 1, but his stiffness and average read skills will push him down beyond some man coverage corners.

    #71. Will Rackley OG Lehigh
    A small school OG who after a year of seasoning will start at OG for us. We bring Kosier back and he takes over for him or Davis if no one else is brought in.

    #80. Eric Hagg S Nebraska
    Our new FS. Can tackle in the open field although he isn't a huge hitter, and can take good angles to the ball unlike Ball. Hagg needs a little refinement, but he can improve on his technique in coverage.

    #109. Brandon Burton CB Utah
    Another man CB who can man up. At worst, he can be a good nickel package guy.

    #113. Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU
    Bradie James' replacement. I would love to see him and Lee running the show at ILB in 2 years. Sheppard is a 2 down guy who can handle everything in the run game.

    #140. Ian Williams NT Notre Dame
    A developmental guy who can be a rotational guy with Ratliff and Brent. Is similar to Rubin up in Cleveland and is more of a two gap NT than Ratliff or Brent. A project who is worth the risk.

    #171. Brandon Saine RB Ohio State
    A guy with Big 10 experience. Can be a good spot back, KR and #3 guy if Barber is cut or Choice is traded. No risk, and with some seasoning can be a good backup and Special Teamer for years.

    Cowboys trade Montrae Holland to the Jets for their 7th rounder.

    #197. Mario Harvey LB Marshall
    A LB without a true pro position. Played DE, ILB and OLB in college, could work in at OLB and possibly a Nickel ILB and a Special Teamer.

    #209. Colin Baxter C Arizona
    Hostile probably knows more about this guy than everyone else. All I know, is that he wrestled, something I like in Offensive and Defensive Lineman.
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    Cowboys won't trade Montrae Holland for a 7th round pick. He is our best backup guard right now. I think Costa might have a future here, but he wasn't that great in the time he did play.
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    I'm not sure you couldn't get a much better CB, i.e. Brandon Harris, at 16 and still get Carimi at #40 or with a slight trade up in the second since, from what I'm reading, most teams are projecting Carimi as a RT ONLY thereby negating most of his first round potential.

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