Mock White and the 7 Draft Trades

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Feb 9, 2013.

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    I was never totally sold on Brockers either, Barron was not on my list because of the love affair with DeCastro(I hope I was wrong on my talent evaluation because the Steelers got him much later in the 1st rd). Unless someone falls on the Dline like Sheldon Richardson I am about trading back and grabbing a Olineman at this point in time. Nothing bad to say about Kawann Short or Sharif Floyd just good players on the next tier IMO. Margus Hunt and Zeke Ansah are too much of a project for this team.

    Olineman I like for the 1st or early 2nd
    Lane Johnson
    Chance Warmack I am not convinced he goes as early as the Kiper's are saying
    Johnathan Cooper
    Barrett Jones pet cat along with Arthur Brown OLB
    Larry Warford for the late 2nd.
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    you do realize there are roster limits right?

    you just added 35 rookies to what can only be a 45 man active roster.

    this is a 2009 style draft. trade down A LOT. add tons of bodies... not so highly coveted bodies.
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    For the record, 33 rookies. Also, when we draft 8-10 players, we still sign about 20 what is your point.

    I am not expecting every draft pick or UDFA to make this team. I am however, expecting more competition from young, hungry players wanting to make it in the league.....I am expecting to rid ourselves of a lot of dead weight.

    Plus, the idea of this mock was to have 7 trades, which brought us a plethora of extra prospects. I added several 7th rounders to secure potential UDFAs. As bad as we seem to be with our 3-5 round picks.....we seem to do a great job with the 6, 7, and UDFA pickups.
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    2009 Draft called, they said great strategy.

    Seems like trading just to trade. I'd hope we play out the board and never go into a draft with the mindset of we are going to trade down a bunch. Know the value, target players in (minor) moves up and/or trade down if there is a lot of similar value, you have 2 or 3 guys you like equally, AND if a team is greedy or impatient enough to move up. In 2009, we were so desperate to trade down we 1)let the time expire and 2)got beat in the trade. Teams know Jerry and they know they can usually get the better end of the deal if they feel he really wants to make a move.
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    Oh my Gosh:banghead:
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    His top 4 picks are better than the top 4 picks in many mocks that I've seen that didn't trade down.

    1(b) - DE Datone Jones - UCLA
    2(a) - G/C Barrett Jones - Alabama
    2(b) - SS Jonathan Cyprien - Florida International
    3(a) - FS Bacarri Rambo - Georgia
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    come on X......dont forget about 5, top 5
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    First thing I thought of was our 2009 draft.

    Two big differences though:
    1) This draft still gives us 3 1st or 2nd round picks vs zero in 2009.
    2) The 2013 draft is considered much deeper than in 2009--which was just a horrible draft all around. We made it worse by missing on almost very single one of the 12 picks--an almost impossible feat. lol

    I'm still wary of so many trade downs, but at least before we know any real facts, it looks like a talent infusion on paper.

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