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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Looking at NFLDRAFTSCOUT.COM new prospect rankings this morning I see several players that have fallen and a few that have risen. Examples: Star and Damontre Moore fell out of top 14 and Kawaan Short has risen to 26th.

    The following Mock is for 4 rounds only and offer multiple choices in each round. I tried to list players that possibly has a chance to be available at the point we pick in each round. I only listed our greatest needs--OL,DL,S,RB,TE--in my eyes.

    1. Jonathan Cooper-OG, Kenny Vacarro-S, Lane Johnson-OT, Sheldon Richardson-DT, Kawaan Short-DT, Ezekiel Ansah-DE, Datone Jones-DE, Damontre Moore-DE

    2. Larry Warford-OG, Barrett Jones-C/G, Terron Armstead-OT, Jonathan Cyprien-S, Brandon Williams-NT/DT, Tank Carrandine-DE

    3. Brian Schwenke-C, Tony Jefferson-S, Joseph Franklin-RB, Sylvester Williams-DT, Stepfan Taylor-RB, Gavin Escobar-TE

    4. Alvin Bailey-OG, Brian Winters-OG, David Quesenberry-OT, Jordan Hill-DT, Le'Veon Bell-RB, D.J. Swearinger-S

    Looking at all these players at each pick makes it hard to pick just one, assuming all are available, from each group. If you're inclined, list your mock picking one from each group. We'll see if there is any kind of consensus with CZ members.

    Here's mine, where do I start.

    1. Ezekiel Ansah-DE

    2. Barrett Jones-C/G

    3. Tony Jefferson-S

    4. Le'veon Bell-RB

    Hard to do isn't it?
  2. ceerrece

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    1.- Jonathan Cooper
    2.- Barret Jones
    3.- Sylvester Williams
    4.- D.J. Swearinger
  3. Future

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    Sly Williams
  4. Gaede

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    Tough one! I like alot of the players listed. Particularly had trouble with the 3rd pick.

    1. Lane Johnson
    2. Jonathon Cyprien
    3. Stepfan Taylor
    4. Brian Winters
  5. Dalmations202

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    1)Damontre Moore-DE
    2)Brandon Williams-NT/DT
    3)Brian Schwenke-C
    4)David Quesenberry-OT
  6. visionary

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    the problem with this exercise (interesting htough it is)
  7. xwalker

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    I would narrow my list down to:


    Tank Carrandine
    Terron Armstead
    Jonathan Cyprien
    Brandon Williams

    Brian Schwenke
    Sylvester Williams
    Johnathan Franklin
    Stepfan Taylor


    I'm waiting for the Pro Days of:
    Cyprien (didn't run)
    Stepfan Taylor (says poor combine was due to ankle injury)
  8. AsthmaField

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    For Me:

    1) Sheldon Richardson
    2) Jonathan Cyprien
    3) Brian Schwenke
    4) Brian Winters

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