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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Mar 24, 2009.

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    mock w/o trade, just because a team wants to trade up or down, doesn't mean it will happen, as you need two teams to tango


    2nd round, #51: Ohio State OLB Marcus Freeman - 6'1" 239

    reminds me of Michael Boley: fast, slick athlete with fastest times of 4.51 40, 1.55 10-yard, 4.08 short-shuttle, 6.66 3-cone, also put up 30 reps on the bench, and had a 37" vertical and 9'05" long-jump, in addition to the measurables he's a smart player with good speed and awareness in coverage, excellent special team's player, plays through pain

    3rd round (from Cleveland), #69: Virginia Tech CB Victor Harris

    4th round (from Detroit), #101: Alabama C Antoine Caldwell

    4th round, #117: Rice WR Jarrett Dillard

    5th round, #156: Georgia Tech DT Vance Walker

    5th round (from Tennessee), #166: TCU ILB Jason Phillips

    5th round (Compensatory), #172: Stillman DT Sammie Lee Hill

    6th round (from Miami), #197: Mississippi State SS Keith Fitzhugh

    6th round (Compensatory), #208: Illinois DE Derek Walker

    7th round (from Detroit), #210: Fresno State TE Bear Pascoe

    7th round, #227: Utah CB Brice McCain
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    I actually like this one a bit better but, I'm curious, is there an underlying logic or strategy to your drafts, which vary significantly, or are your selections dictated purely by opportunity and the rising/falling stock of players?
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    my strategy is very simple, rating (courtesy of NFLDS), BPA and then need are considered
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    You say Boley... I say interesting.
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    it makes you raise an eyebrow or two
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    This is mock draft 3.0 addition
    2 - Ron Brace - BC/NT - 6'3 333lbs. If he is gone - Patrick Chung -ORE/S - 5 11 3/4 210.
    3 - Tyrone Mckenzie - S.FL/OLB - 6'1 243lbs - Put him on the inside and he has good cover skills,ie, poss 3rd down option.
    3 - I would acquire this pick by trading a 4th and 5th rounder to get another late in the third. With this pick i pick Kevin Ellison - USC/S - 6'2 225 lbs.
    4 - Zach Follett -CAL/OLB - 6'2 240lbs, Put him on inside also, manly because he is better in a box then in space, also ST.
    5 - Demetrius Byrd - LSU/WR - 6'0 200lbs 4.4 speed
    5 - Ray Feing - BYU/OG - 6'4 330.
    6 - Khalif Mitchell - E.CAR/DT,DE - 6'5 317 LBS ,He is a project possibly catch lightning in a botle?
    6 - Chris Pressley -WIS/FB - 6'1 259lbs. He is a punishing blocker, but not a great pass catcher. Someone who will excell at his role? Not A FAN OF D.ANDERSON.
    7 - Thomas Morestead - SMU/P - 6'4 225LBS, With the uncertainty of whether McBRIAR comes back at 100%?
    7 - Mike Goodson - T.A&M/RB - 6'0 212, FAST GUY. SPECIAL TEAMS?
    I still pick Ellison because if we get Brace then we can have our saftey too. However, if we get Chung we can sure up that position for the future with these two, because it has been a problem position for three years? Mckenzie,Folett gives us what we need, insurance if Brookins doesn't hold up,and Mckenzie takes Burnett's 3rd down job. Byrd is our deep threat,as i am not comfortable going to early for Wr. It is time to see what we have with the young guys here? D.Ander., enough said, Pressley is a punishing blocker. Mitchell or Goodson is a wait and see,not really important,while Morestead is our insurance? What do you think?

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