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    Everybody else has been doing one so...

    Dallas trades it's #18(900pts.) in the first round to the Denver Broncos who move up to take Chad Jackson WR/Florida . The Chargers , Chiefs , and Patriots who pick in front of them all need a receiver , and Denver has numerous picks to negotiate with . In compensation Dallas will receive Denver's #22(720pts.) in the first , #119(56pts.) in the fourth , and #126(46pts.) in the fourth .

    1st round #22 (From Denver) Bobby Carpenter OLB/Ohio State

    2nd round #49 Darryn Colledge OT/Boise State

    3rd round #80 Cedric Griffin FS/Texas

    4th round #119 (From Denver) Kai Parham ILB/Virginia

    4th round #126 (From Denver) Kevin Boothe OG/Cornell

    5th round #150 Skyler Green WR/L.S.U.

    6th round #182 Steve Fifita NT/Utah

    7th round #224 Chris Kuper OG&LS/North Dakota
    Priority free-agent - Travis Lulay QB/Montana state
    Priority free-agent - Quadtrine Hill FB/Miami
    Priority free-agent - Josh Huston K/Ohio state
    Priority free-agent - T.J. Rushing CB/Stanford
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    That doesn't seem like a very equitable trade, pal, 900 points yielding 822 points in return... generally speaking, it's the team trying to trade up that winds up giving up a bit more point-wise...

    It pains this long-time Parrothead, with his Parrothead's Club magnet on the back of his Cherokee, to take issue with anything Jimmy Buffett says... :D

    BTW, have you ever checked out, and it's link to Radio Margaritaville?? I went out and spent 300 bucks on some dynamite surround sound speakers for my PC, just so I could enjoy that station... it's awesome, mostly songs by Jimmy and some songs by artists he likes... and they often simulcast his live concerts...

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    Okay , so we get screwed a little on the points , what about my picks ?

    I have visited and the radio link , plus his store and restaurnt in New Orleans a couple of times . My wife and I go to N.O. evey year and I always hope to catch him there but never have . Lots of fun .
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    I like Carpenter a lot, Colledge would be good value but I have other OL I'd prefer there (Charles Spencer, Chris Chester), Griffin would be a solid choice, Parham is too slow for the NFL, Boothe would be good value at that point, Green offers value as a kick returner but not as a receiver, so I'm not particularly high on him, Fifita and Cooper would be terrific picks... overall, I rather doubt the Boys would draft 3 offensive linemen... two, yes, but three's a little bit of overkill, I think...

    I also like Huston and Rushing as priority undrafted rookie free agents, and have no real problems with Hill or Lulay (though they don't excite me, either)...

    That's my abridged take on your mock... you clearly have a good working knowledge of the talent available, and a fair assessment as to what round players will fall in, there were no reaches that I could see in any of your picks...

    If you PM me with your e-mail address, I can send you a REAL pretty wallpaper of the neon sign over his Margaritaville Cafe down in Key West... II think you'd like it, it's a big ol' neon parrot with Margaritaville spelled out in neon beneath it, set against a jet-black sky...
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    I like your picks.

    I would want Pat Watkins over Cedric Griffin, but this is just being nitpicky...

    I like your picks, but can you see if we could pick up Denver's 1st, a 3rd, and a 4th? Would that be plausible/possible?
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    i love this draft just i hate Skyler Green

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