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    1 reggie nelson fs florida
    2 tony ugoh ot arkansas
    3 manuel ramirez og texas tech
    4 louis leonard dt fresno state
    5 paul soliai dt utah
    6 stephen heyer ot maryland
    7 sam olajabutu lb arkansas
  2. the kid 05

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    going to get moved again
  3. jterrell

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    No WRs at all?

    We need to add at least 1 and this a great draft for it.

    Other than that no big complaints on my part about the mock.
  4. cowboysfan31

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    Ugoh got abused in the Senior Bowl, but he's been pretty good at the combine so far. I don't think he'll fall to us in the 2nd, he'll probably go late 1st or early 2nd. I also believe with Ramirez's strong showing at the combine he'll solidify himself a spot in the 2nd round. Leonard didn't even receive a combine invite, and isn't ranked by nfldraftcountdown so I'd say that's a major reach right there. At less that 5'9" and only about 225lbs, I don't think that Olajabutu is a good fit for us.
  5. VACowboy

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    1) I hope so.
    2) Gimme Johnny Lee Higgins!
    3) He'll be gone. Beekman or Grubbs.
    4) Samson Satele. Johnson will be gone.
  6. Biggems

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    Let me fix it for ya.........

    I will give 3 options if possible.....

    1. CB Aaron Ross / OL Justin Blalock / OLB Anthony Spencer
    2. OG Ben Grubbs / FB Brian Leonard / WR Anthony Gonzales
    3. DT Kareem Brown / OG Manny Ramirez / OLB Dan Bazuin

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