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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Oh_Canada, Feb 10, 2008.

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    1.Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, cb--I still really, really like Antoine Cason but for my money DRC is simply a better fit for the Cowboys scheme. This all might be a moot point, the kid may go higher than this anyhow... but he would be great value at #22 and I take him in a heartbeat if available.

    1a.James Hardy, wr--Now I am really hoping the Boys do something via trade (Roy Williams Det) or FA (Brynat Johnson) to shore up there receiving core because I hate trying to fill the #2 role through the draft. However, Hardy does have the most upside of probably any WR in this draft and could be an impact player fairly I think he makes for a good pick here if they have no other options.

    2.Jamaal Charles, rb--Looking for the home run??? Well...this guy can supply it and catch the ball out of the backfield to boot. The perfect compliment to MBIII

    3.Carl Nicks, Ot--So I hear Hudson Houck likes 'em big...well how does 6'5 330lbs strike you?? This guy has Larry Allen type ability...but very raw. Can play guard or tackle.

    4.Athyba Rubin, nt--I prefer Okam or Bryant, but both might be off the board at this point. Rubin is 6'3 326lbs, so you know he has the size to play the nose.

    5.Jameel McClain, olb--I love this guy....really hard worker, fiery and a pure leader..the kind of player this defense needs. Should be able to make the switch to LB at 6'1 255lbs and 4.7 speed.

    6.Fernando Velasco, c/g--Should be able to compete for a roster spot. Nice feet, very smart....only question is toughness. I think he makes this roster if drafted.

    7..Justin Tryon, cb--Explosive kick returner, might end up being a decent nickel corner as well. A little on the small size, but has 4.4 speed and plays tough.
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    I like quite a few of your picks, I agree on Hardy most definitely and love the fact that some people aren't high on him so hopefully he'll be there for our 2nd 1st rounder.

    I like Jamaal too, and probably think he's the best bet to be available at our pick in the 2nd, there's a good chance Rice and Chris Johnson are gone.

    Haven't heart much on Carl Nicks, I'll look him up. I like Rubin, and also agree he'd be a good alternative to Okam. The rest of the guys I haven't heard of, but after the first 4 rounds or so, everyone's mocks tend to be very diverse.

    Overall not bad at all, wouldn't be upset with this draft.
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    I love it. Throw in Dexter Jackson from Appalachian State at the end and you have a winner.
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    Chris Johnson-rb-from East Carolina.
    This guy is similar to Charles in speed.
    Returns punts and kickoffs also.
    When Johnson runs his forty you will see his draft status soar.
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    I'm skeptical on Charles cause I'm just not a big fan on the Texas backs. He just seems like a slightly faster version of Benson to me and that isn't really a great addition, IMO.
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    Sounds like a case of being guilty by association to me, but it's up to him to prove the world wrong, not me. It's not like we're talking about him as being a 1st round back here or anything.
  7. Oh_Canada

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    Yeah...I don't see any similarties other than there alma me Charles is far more explosive and elusive then Benson and comes with a better attitude to boot.

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