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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Dec 27, 2011.

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    I'll start this out by guessing that we sign CB Tracy Porter and OG Vernon Carey. The Saints have several FAs this off-season that will require big contracts, we can return the favors they've paid us by taking Porter off their hands. Vernon Carey was once a highly-thought of OL for Miami, but they restructured his contract last year and he will be a FA this year. The Dolphins' situation isn't looking good, and Garrett both played with and coached Carey in Miami.

    1. Peter Konz C Wisconsin 6'5" 315lbs Konz can have as big of an immediate impact for us as Pouncey did for Pittsburgh. I think he's impossible to pass up if he's here, huge instant upgrade.

    2. Bacarri Rambo S Georgia 6'0" 218lbs Rambo is a solid tackler that hits like a SS, but his ball skills are improving as he posted 7 INTs and 7 PBU this year. He will only turn 22 before the start of next season and runs a 4.4-4.5 40, lots of upside here.

    3. Andre Branch DE/OLB Clemson 6'4" 260lbs Branch had a big senior year, and his name is starting to rise but he still isn't getting the attention he deserves. He may rise into the 2nd round but we should have a decent shot of getting him here.

    4. Omar Bolden CB Arizona St 5'10" 195lbs Missed the entire season because of a torn ACL suffered in spring practice. He has good cover skills and is a solid tackler. Bolden considered entering the draft last year, and if he's healthy this could be a steal.

    5. Amini Silatolu OL Midwestern St 6'3 324lbs A big man with a mean streak that is capable of playing light on his feet. He currently plays LT, but his best fit would probably be G in the NFL.

    6. Brett Roy DL Nevada 6'4" 280lbs Roy is an undersized DT that plays with a very high motor. He's got 18 sacks over the last 2 seasons, and knows how to get to the QB.

    6. (Comp Pick) Jerry Franklin ILB Arkansas 6'1" 245lbs A tackling machine that makes a bunch of plays in the backfield. Franklin's size limits him, but he gives 100% and finds ways to make a play.

    7. Chris Rainey WR/RB/RS Florida 5'8" 175lbs Rainey doesn't have the same speed as Jeff Demps, and he's got some character concerns but overall he is more versatile. Rainey is a better runner, better receiver, returns punts, and has more wiggle than Demps does.

    Have a Happy New Year everyone.
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    Konz has serious medical concerns. No way I use a first on him
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    This all the way........the dude could literally die today!!!

    That's not 1st round material in my eyes
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    We could all die today. He had 1 small blood clot in each lung. He was placed on blood thinning medication, and monitored carefully. He has since been cleared 100% and is 2 years removed from the incident.
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    Never take a guy in the first with health issues. Do a little research on that problem and you will see why its nowhere near as safe as you think.
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    maybe konz in round 2 but naw too risky for round 1. We have to hit on our first rounders.

    We also have to start drafting high motor guys and film worms on defense. We need to get more physical. Enough with guys waiting to help other players up and give player hugs after you smashed them.
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    I've done a little bit of research on pulmonary embolisms. The only study ever done to determine mortality of untreated PE came back with a 26% mortality rate for people that went untreated or were treated with a placebo. The study was done in 1957, and it was noted that due to the technology of the time that number might be overstated.

    It said that after anti-coagulation treatment was stopped, the annual mortality rate is 0.5%. So once treated, its not a huge threat. It also says that after a first PE event, the search for a cause is usually very short. It is not until after a second event that they start searching further, so a first time doesn't sound like a huge cause for concern. The event happened after a long flight from Wisconsin to Hawaii, and long air travel has been linked to PEs. If it happens again, he can have a filter placed in his vein near the heart/lungs to prevent further problems. Overall Konz is young, well-conditioned, and very well looked after. I will let doctors make the final call, but I don't see this as something to worry about. Most people that suffer long-term affects from embolisms suffer from more serious underlying conditions like cancer, morbid obesity, or genetic mutations and I think its fairly safe to say Konz doesn't fall into those kinds of categories.
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    If we take Konz, I think we could do it with a trade back in Round 1 and we can pick up an extra 2nd as well.
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    There have been more done recently; try Mayo Clinic.

    Greater risk; not worth it
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    I don't think Kronz is worth spending a middling first round pick on.

    I the Cowboys happen to lose the NYG, then they could be in line to draft DeCastro, who's far better as a guard than Kronz is as a center.

    If the Cowboys win, then maybe a corner or 3-4 DE.

    I'd only consider Kronz at the end of the first round.

    If a DE isn't taken in round 1, then I'm considering Derek Wolfe from Cincinnati in round 2.
  11. cowboysfan31

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    I guess I should have added that I see the Cowboys as a playoff team with a pick somewhere in the mid-to-late 20's. I see DeCastro as a top 10-15 pick, so I don't think he would be in our range.

    If we sign a CB in free agency (and I predicted Tracy Porter), then I don't see us drafting a CB in the first round. I really like Claiborne and Kirkpatrick, but they will both be gone by our pick. I wouldn't touch Janoris Jenkins, and Alfonso Dennard looks like a good CB but I think he may draw alot of flags for illegal contact/pass interference in the NFL. Jayron Hosley or Jonathan Banks would be good in the 2nd round if we went that way, though I think Rambo has a chance to be a big time playmaker in the secondary.

    The one DE that grabs my attention in the class is Marcus Forston. He's got 1st round talent, but will probably be available in the 3rd-4th round. He's an explosive player that moves well for a big man, but he's had 2 seasons ended by injury (09 shoulder, 2011 knee). When he's healthy he's been compared to Warren Sapp, but the question will be if he ever can stay healthy.

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