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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a poster were to get a mock draft exactly right? Well, don't worry, because this one won't.


    Your feedback is always enjoyed. Even when my roast gets chewed.

    As with last time, I have added a comment called roster churn.

    1. #27...Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho, 6'5", 330. I continue to believe he is the player Dallas wants and will get in the 1st. If he is selected before Dallas picks I believe they will trade down to take Pouncey or Ducasse. There remains a chance they could take Bryant or Thoams if they fall, but I think Iupati is easily the most sensible pick.

    Churn...Montrae Holland

    2. #59...Dexter McCluster, WR/RB/KR/PR, Ole Miss, 5'9", 172. Don't let his small stature fool you. This kid is a power house. He benched 225 pounds an amazing 21 times. When he has the ball in his hands he is a handful for any Defense. Seen as a slot WR and Special Teams guy more than a RB. Also could be a Wildcat option. My favorite draft day hopeful. IMO the Return Games are the biggest need to fill for immediate 2010 contributions.

    Churn...Shaun Suisham

    3. #91...Dorin Dickerson, FB/H-back/TE, Pittsburgh, 6'2", 225. If Dallas were to acquire him I think the trade talks for Bennett would heat up again. I know they really like Dickerson. He is versatile and is a very under rated Blocker. I have previously called him potentially the most talented weapon at FB in NFL. I stand by that given his unique set of skills.

    Churn...Deon Anderson

    4. #123...Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida, 6'3", 250. He has really fallen due to some slow times in the 40. I know for a fact that Dallas likes Sean Lee of Penn State as an ILB, but if Spikes is here in the 4th, I think Dallas will select him instead. I won't be surprised however if Lee is the pick. Before his injury he was considered a 1st round prospect. The reason to take Spikes over Lee is simply potential.

    Churn...Steve Octavien

    6. #187...Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame, 6'4", 305. I have seen several mocks with him in the 6th, and I love it. I think he is someone who could potentially start once groomed to the NFL. In other words, a 6th round steal.

    Churn...Duke Preston

    7. #213...Sherrick McManis, CB, Northwestern, 5'11", 195. 5 INTs and 7 passes broken up despite missing 3 games with a quad injury. He had 11 pass breakups in 2008. CB depth is always vital, but we don't need to grab one early. We need one to groom. Here he is.

    Churn...Cletis Gordon
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    One of the best I've seen. Spikes in the 4th would be some great value after some thought he was a top 15 pick last year.
  3. SDogo

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    It about a round further then I expect him to fall but it would be a great gift he did.

    This is one of those picks in 4th round you would find yourself taking a deep breath after every team passed on him then hoping and praying you see his name next to the flashing update on the bottom line only to be disappointed when it's not and then watch him to go a divisional rival 10 picks later!:D
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    I was thinking more like churn Marty B on draft day, he may be wearing more thin on Jerry than we think. Also if he has a repeat of last year he will have nominal trade value. I think they will address the secondary before the 4th round.
  5. RS12

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    Didnt he run a 4.9 on his pro day? Mayock still likes him in round two FWIW.
  6. SLATEmosphere

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    After running a 5 flat 40 twice on his proday, he just guarenteed him out of the first 2 rounds.
  7. cowboyjoe

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    I love your first 4 picks, but yuck last 2;
    Eric Olsen
    G, Notre Dame
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Is competitive. Gets out of stance and into position quickly. Locks up on defensive tackles on "reach" blocks and seals his man. Shows good technique on in-line run blocks. When uncovered, is able to get through the line and seal linebackers on the second level. Maintains good balance when pulling and leading perimeter runs. In pass protection, gets set quickly and uses good technique. Is smart.

    Weaknesses: Is a limited athlete who struggles to neutralize secondary pass-rush moves and when having to block a moving target in the open field. Lacks aggression on in-line run blocks; is more of a positional blocker. Does not get hands on defensive tackles quickly in pass protection and thus can be jolted and driven backward by bull rushers.

    Bottom line: Olsen started at guard and center at Notre Dame but never was a dominant blocker. He is smart and gets the most out of his ability, but the issues that will limit Olsen's NFL success are a lack of athleticism and just adequate strength. Olsen projects as a quality backup guard and center.

    McManis is a decent pick, but he wont last past the 4th or 5th round and he has a suspicious leg injury; so youlll have to come up with another player, but top 4 picks super!

    Sherrick McManis
    CB, Northwestern
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Is big with long arms and growth potential. Shows quick feet, speed and the ability to recover. Has burst when closing on balls or accelerating on breaks. Shows strong off man-to-man and zone ball reactions, route recognition and anticipation. Has soft hands; can track and adjust to airborne balls. Is aggressive as a run supporter and tackler.

    Weaknesses: Missed some games as a senior because of an unspecified leg injury. Shows only average strength on contact. Sometimes guesses wrong and gets flipped in man-to-man off coverage.

    Bottom line: McManis was a solid three-year starter for the Wildcats. He has enough size and athleticism to compete for a job as a backup corner and core special teams player as a rookie. He has some potential to become a starter in year two in the right situation. Two recent Big Ten comparisons: Iowa's Bradley Fletcher (third round to Rams in 2009) and Ohio State's Ashton Youboty (third round to Bills in '06).
  8. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Sick mock. Mccluster and Dickerson would have me jumping for joy.
  9. SLATEmosphere

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    Man i hope we get a 2nd for Martellus..

    Draft Dorin in the 3rd and you don't miss a beat.
  10. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I dont think Olsen is worth of our roster, and Id like to have a trade for Marty set but that would be a satisfactory draft
  11. Joe Rod

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    Nothing to complain about with that one. Would you theorize that Marty gets moved on Draft weekend or training camp?
  12. dbair1967

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    I still have a very difficult time believing we'll draft McCluster or Dickerson. There's just no spot for McCluster because he isnt going to be an everydown WR and they have been adament that we're keeping our 3 RB's as is. I dont think Dickerson can be a legitimate FB either.

    Spikes isnt my facorite LB in the draft, but if slips to where we are in the 4th he'd be a value pick.
  13. cowboyjoe

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    yeah but dbair, the cowboys did look at mccluster

    and mccluster would be so dangerous with choice in the razorback, cathing passes out of the backfield on 3rd down or in the slot, along with returning punts, kickoffs, remember dbair felix isnt going to return kickoffs this year;

    its true dickerson isnt a legitimate fb, but we dont need him playing fb all the time, just on certain occassions, what you can do is put dickerson also in the slot, (crayton's position- this is where you can trade crayton for a 3rd in the draft, maybe with a 7th too), and put dickerson also at wr some, he has played wr, and he caught 7, yes thats right 7 TDs in the red zone last year, just what we need, with his 4.4 speed, no linebacker or safety can stay with him, (He will also push the heck out of Bennett too, something that Bennett needs big time to get him to work)

    i dont know why hostile picked the center, he isnt aggressive, and plays i saw him he got pushed back into the qbs face etc, just like Proctor etc....

    I want a mean and nasty center, one that doesnt like defenders hitting his QB Romo and he will make them pay when they do, and he wont stand there like gurode sometimes when romo is telling his offensive line, come on, lets go, and they just stand there and walk slowly up to the line of scrimmage

    the first four picks of Hostiles were awesome!

    thats why im hoping we can get a 3rd and possibly a 7th for Crayton, and get another super player like dickerson

    were very close to being dominant,but need just a few players, like with that extra 3rd we could get a Jason Fox and with that 7th we could get a geathers or a big fullback or speester WR like kelton tindal or trindon holliday - gordon banks to help out on special teams kickoffs and punt returns
  14. Alexander

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    I would be very shocked if this player lasts until the seventh round.

    There are a decent amount of quality corners who could be had late (Priest, Marshay Green, Ross), but his size and special teams abilities will probably push him into the middle rounds. I would not be shocked if he is a third round pick by the time it is all said and done. He is getting a lot of action via private workouts.
  15. cowboyjoe

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    Bingo, exactly, thats what i said, most draft guides etc... have him going 3rd or 4th round, he may fall some due to his leg injury, but not past the 5th for sure
  16. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    With the way our braintrust apparently believes this roster is "set", I would not be surprised at all with a few niche players like this. The fact that we are looking hard at them is an indicator. They are not the types you set up to use as smokescreens.
  17. cowboyjoe

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    Bingo! exactly. :D
  18. pgreptom

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    I would think you move Bennett close to the draft, or during the draft.

    After the draft, especially if you pick up a TE/H-Back.. his value diminishes.
  19. Alexander

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    His value diminishes after every Twitter post or episode of MartyB TV.
  20. Hostile

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    I was looking at 2 scouting sites that had him listed late. I don't put full stock in those though. I have taken Rafael Priest twice mocks. Still would.

    If we traded Bennett and used Dickerson as a TE I could see us taking the FB out of Kentucky. Either way, I think Cricket is gone.

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