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    Some non-excitement. The more reading I do on how much Donald would fit here makes me think it won't happen. I.e. Floyd, Warmack, DeCastro.

    So, Donald, Jernigan, Evans and others are all available when we are up at #16.

    #16. Trade down with Carolina, we send #16 for #28, their 6th round pick and their 1st rounder next year.
    Carolina selects Mike Evans WR Texas A&M. Will fit perfectly in their system and hopefully give Cam a weapon.
    Another team moves up to select Donald and Jernigan before our pick. Ealy goes to Cincinnati at #24.

    #28. Scott Crichton DE Oregon State
    Will play some of both SDE and WDE as we transition to all rushmen instead of relying on street free agents, incorporating a deep rotation. Crichton will see many snaps and his motor will energize our defense and hopefully increase Lee's INJ rating on Madden.

    #47. Dallas trades with Cleveland getting #71 and #102 (compensatory picks will change slots after the owners meetings 3/23-3/26). Cleveland moves up and gets Garrapolo causing the Zone to rue immediately.

    #71. Dakota Dozier OG Furman
    OG help, enough said, will need time to get acclimated to the game, but should become a good OG after a year or two.

    #78. Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina
    Three straight lineman, what's going on with Jerry? He must be listening to McClay way too much..

    #102. Jared Abbrederis WR Wisconsin
    We got another beard. Was a productive player at a predominately running oriented program, has size Jason likes at WR and one with good hands to replace Miles ButterAustin.

    #115. Keith McGill CB/S Utah
    A large CB who played some S at Utah, has the size and ability to play zone, press or off man coverage and played a little of everything. Will be a 25 year old rookie. ]

    #146. Will Clarke DE WVU
    Here is another rotational guy who can offer alot as a rushmen in this system. May only be a SDE, but has a motor to be worked into the rotation at WDE like Crichton.

    #178. Jerick McKinnon RB Georgia Southern
    A RB who was used in many roles at GASo, just like Wilcox, can be a KR, 3rd down back and a good change of pace guy. Might displace Dunbar if LD cannot heal or hold onto the ball.

    #196. Khairi Fortt LB/DE Cal
    A SLB or WDE prospect, showed some bend from the three point stance and range to run down TE's and RB's in the passing game. (I actually think a team somewhere in the 3rd or 4th will select him with his strength and ability to fit into the 3-4 even better than as a situational rusher for us).

    #198. Spencer Long OG Nebraska
    Seems like someone who Callahan and Garrett would love (plus wants to go to medical school on top of being a academic All-American. Wasn't that bad at Nebraska on the field either. Would provide very good depth as well as hopefully increasing the Olinemans INJ rating on Madden too.

    #205. Stephen Morris QB University of Miami
    Our new #3 QB after Orton retires. An enigma at QB, showing throwing skills but poor decision making and footwork. But had a achilles strain all year, so maybe that influenced his play and reliance more on his strong arm to make many throws..

    Compensatory picks/UDFA's:
    Jemea Thomas S Georgia Tech
    Jeoffry Pagan DT Alabama
    Hakeem Smith S Louisville
    Anthony Hitchens LB Iowa
    Tom Savage QB Pitt
    Tracy Moore WR Oklahoma St.
    Kevin Danser OG Stanford
    Jeremy Gallon WR Michigan
    Bryn Renner QB UNC
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    This is an extremely strong draft. I wouldn't trade picks this year for picks next year. If we trade, it will have to be all picks in this year's draft IMO.

    I think it'd be better to drop down to the mid 20's for a 2nd or 3rd this year if possible. Actually, I think there will be a good player for us at 16, so I'd rather stick at that pick, or even use another pick to move up to around pick 11 and take Donald.

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    I read somewhere that lots os scouts think donald is a late round one guy
  4. AsthmaField

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    I guess we will see soon enough.
  5. DezBRomo9

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    Yea, but we usually are never right in the guys we love here. Usually they are picked up elsewhere or slide or fall off of our board. I tried to do something different, but we also claim Carolina's 1st rounder next year, which can be used for another prospect (since our first round choices have been very productive for us (save yet for Claiborne), or even used as ammo to move up for a QB next year..Hundley etc.
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    no way i trade to the bottom of rd 1 for a pick next year ersp from carolina who is likely to be pretty good so it will be a low pick
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    Yeah, I understand where you were going with it, and it is simply my opinion which is no better than your opinion... but this is just such a phenomenally talented group this year, I would want to stay with 2014 picks in any trade.

    I feel like this draft is so deep that it would be almost like being a round above a normal draft round - Meaning that a second round player this year is going to be as talented as a first round pick next year. Maybe I'm wrong about that but I'd rather have a second round pick this year than a low first round pick next year.
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    how awesome would it be to be able to trade back in the first, add an extra pick or two, and still get Donald........too bad that wont happen.
  9. visionary

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    Very possible and this nothing to do with his talent
    If he is there at 16, the next team that is likely to take an undersized 4-3 DT will be SF so we can trade down to 21-24 range and still have a good shot at him
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    Mike Jenkins and Felix Jones would like to have a word with you too.
    Looking back the last 10 years it's about a 50-50 bet (keeping in mind the trades, of course).

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