Momentum builds for a Redskins name change, and one man can make it happen

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by joseephuss, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Who are you to tell people how they should respond to a pejorative? I am native american and my friends and family members use the word redskin often amongst themselves. However, like the N word among african americans, we would kick your teeth in if a non-native used it towards us.

    So if you think I am soft because I find your ignorance offensive then we can always designate a time and place to find out.
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    FUNNY how you keep sounding PC on this subject. So frankly I reject your claim to not be

    and once again why should anyone really think this is important enough to waste time on?
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    As a Native American, do you think the name should be changed? And if so, what similarly themed names would be a good alternative that could result in them keeping the colors and/or helmet logo?
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    What's funny is how upset this subject has made you. I guess you would've been against a woman's right to vote and still consider blacks to be 3/5 a person. Some things are not Politically Correct, they are just Correct. The failure to see the difference is on you.

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    I think the Washington Americans. After all aren't Native Americans one of the truest forms of American? The Braves would be great if it weren't for Atlanta. I guess Washington could save everybody a lot of trouble and go with the Washington Squaws.
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    Personally, I hate when US citizens call ourselves Americans. Petty, but every person that lives on North or South American Continents have claim to be "American" and always seemed arrogant to give ourselves that title.

    (has no bearing on the topic at hand, just venting a personal pet peeve)
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    The precedent would be appeasing a bunch of whining babies and changing tradition.
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    ...from the "what if NFL teams had British logos?"


    Notice that "Redskin" looks like Gandhi?
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    It never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to look for reasons to be offended. There is no doubt that the name was not intended to be offensive to anyone. If anything it was most likely adapted to make their team sound fierce and tenacious, which is what many Indian tribes were in defending their land.

    I live in Oklahoma, which if you have any knowledge of history at all is full of Indians. In fact I would say that pretty much every Oklahoman has some degree of Indian blood (likely including me). If you go around looking for something to be offended by you will probably find it. I think political correctness should be replaced by a quest to get a little bit tougher skin so that people aren't offended by anything and everything.
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    Where did he say that? I don't know about anyone else here, but I do not think your argument is anywhere near the same ball park as what is being discussed.
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