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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by casmith07, Feb 10, 2014.

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    I think Tre Boston from UNC will be a good rangy FS. Tracks the ball very well, lay some wood, good open field tacklerand makes plays. Playmaker and most likely day 1 starter.
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    I'll take a look at him, thanks for the tip.

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    Hey Cas,

    Your take on this is interesting and I don't necessarily disagree with you but I think all of this hinges on what our scheme dictates. If you look at Marinelli and see exactly how he runs his Defense, I think it will dictate what we do. Marinelli doesn't blitz much. He likes to create pressure with his front 4. I think he Blitzed something like 20% of the time and when he did, he usually brought 5, almost never 6. He likes to play zone and doesn't really play tight bump and run or man to man as much. This tells me that we should expect a heavier investment in DL. He wants Safeties who can make plays on the ball. It also suggest to me that if he takes a Safety high, he's got to be a special player.

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