Monday Night Doldrums

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Fastphilly, Oct 22, 2013.

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    There was a time when MNF had some real good matchups for the primetime NFL fan during the 70's/80's/90's on a consistant basis. These days it's turned into a showcase for garbage matchups with teams that were not relevant the season before or some ESPN idiot bidding on scheduled games on teams he/she THINKS will be relevant because of last years performance. In the current NFL, teams are on a up and down rollercoaster ride between seasons because of the high rate of players/coaches moving between teams in the salary cap era so I understand it's hard to predict year in and year out on what team will be relevant the current year.

    Now I get having the Giants on since they have a track record in recent years of being in the thick of things (and winning two Super Bowls in six years). But what the hell are the Vikings doing on MNF??? Yes they did make the playoffs or I should say backed in since Chicago and Detroit decided to pull their annual late season nosedives. But why not schedule a game like this earlier in the season when the potential scrubbs are still in the hunt?

    For reference here are the 10 worst MNF games in history and guess what came at #1

    1. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) at New York Giants (0-6), 10-21-13 [1-10 combined, 0.091 win pct]
    2. New York Jets (3-9) at San Diego (1-11), 12-15-75 [4-20 combined, 0.167 win pct]
    3. New York Giants (3-7) at Houston (1-9), 11-21-94 [4-16 combined, 0.200 win pct]
    4. Baltimore (1-6) at New England (2-5), 11-6-72 [3-11 combined, 0.214 win pct]
    5. Cincinnati (1-5) at Pittsburgh (2-4), 11-2-70 [3-9 combined, 0.250 win pct]
    6. Chicago (1-5) at Detroit (2-4), 10-19-81 [3-9 combined, 0.250 win pct]
    7. Buffalo (3-3) at Indianapolis (0-6), 10-20-97 [3-9 combined, 0.250 win pct]
    8. Carolina (2-8) at Philadelphia (3-7), 11-26-12 [5-15 combined, 0.250 win pct]
    9. San Francisco (4-11) at Atlanta (4-11), 01-02-00 [8-22 combined, 0.267 win pct]
    10. Green Bay (3-10) at Baltimore (4-9), 12-19-05 [7-19 combined, 0.269 win pct]
    Are you ready for some football? A Monday Night party? Not me, I've been getting better entertainment with Dancing With The Stars on ABC than this garbage.
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    SNF has been better for a long time. MNF is nothing special.
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    And because you are a 49ers fan...

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    SNF is what MNF used to be, I can't remember the last time i bothered staying up for a MNF game the Cowboys wasn't playing in
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    Dancing with the stars over nfl football ?
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    Sunday Night Football used to feature the crap games, back before the NFL decided to make it the premiere game of the week. Now Monday night gets the garbage. And I say garbage lightly because they do get some good games, and they generally have a much better chance of a good game than the NFL network does.

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