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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dgr81, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I am dreading kowalski at center.vs the jets,its not going to be pretty.
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    I hope they run Miles extra during practice this week just to make sure there's no rust. He needs to be sharp against the Jets.
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    ...this Gurode thing is just...........:bang2: Jets have some of the most elaborate blitzes and stunts in the league and we have Nagy, Smith and Kowalski starting? Jeeeebus.
  6. BrassCowboy

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    This is probably a STRONG rebuilding year so Garrett is getting his guys in place, removing all the slobs and entitled players while keeping the hungry players who want to be team players, get better, and contribute to a winning team. Removing Gurode was part of that regardless of our status at center right now is.

    Kowalski has done ok at center, so we won't lose too much from Costa to him.
  7. Mr Cowboy

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    With this line, QB may be part of the rebuilding process when Romo gets killed!
  8. LittleD

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    Dockery can come in and play LG and then slide Nagy over to center for this game. I think Garrett knew what he wanted to do all along. Dockery is not the most agile fox on the fence but his work ethic has never been questioned. I think he has worked this off season and lost a few pounds. If he wasn't better than Holland they would not have given up the 500K roster bonus.
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    I would have felt the same way last year. This year, the entire offense is practicing against elaborate blitzes in EVERY practice. I actually think facing the Jets in the first game is perfect.Their offense is not all that.
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    Nagy didn't get any snaps at center since the 1st preseason game.

    I knew that Kowalski made the roster when Nagy didn't get any snaps in the last game.
  11. casmith07

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    Costa better get back in the lineup, in my opinion. Kowalski held his own out there with the 1st unit against Minnesota.
  12. Mr Cowboy

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys kicked off preparations for Sunday’s season opener at the New York Jets with three starters not practicing and two more working through rehab.

    Cornerback Terence Newman (groin), defensive end Marcus Spears (groin) and center Phil Costa (knee) are sitting out, although Newman and Spears are doing on-field rehab work. Costa was riding the bike in the weight room.

    Linebacker Bradie James (ankle) and wide receiver Miles Austin (hamstring) were in uniform but went through rehab in the portion of practice open to the media. Austin missed the last three preseason games and James missed the finale at Miami.
  13. Ren

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    Even with Costa playing the OL would worry me in this game. Our injury list come Monday could very well include Romo
  14. TD-33

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    Sooo is Jenkins at least back to full participation? And please keep Scandrick away from Dez.
  15. dgr81

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    yes jenkins is practicing.
  16. RS12

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    Gurode, Bigg, and Columbo werent particularly strong at picking up blitzes or dealing with speed. The Cowboys may lose in the trenches but those guys werent going to make it noticably better.
  17. baj1dallas

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    sounds like some famous last words there.
  18. Bleu Star

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    Going into the season with those three aging increasingly ineffective vets (Gurode, Colombo, Davis) would not have changed the possibility of Romo ending up on the injured list. Conversely, I believe standing pat with that line from last year would have actually increased the probability of Romo ending up injured early on in the season.

    The young new line is hungry, proud, and dying to get in and prove the detractors wrong. There will always be detractors in any situation. Thankfully, we have coaches like Garrett and Ryan that help to make me sleep easier at night knowing they're involved in the pivotal decisions that guide this team. I actually believe this young line is going to shine this year. They'll have their isolated lapses in communication and concentration (earlier in the season) but it won't be anything like that perpetual swiss cheese front that called themselves protecting Romo last year...
  19. burmafrd

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    anyone thinking that three young rookies or almost rookies are not going to be worse then our line was last year to start is drunk. Now if they can learn quick that can change but sorry, they are going to be fooled and tricked. There is no stopping it.

    Yes they are much quicker; but they are also much weaker. Bull rushes from the likes of Suh and company will be bad news. And they will be tricked and make mistakes.

    Now I have hopes that by midseason they will have learned enough that they will be better overall. But to think there will not be drop off to start is nuts.

    Frankly if I was red ball I would be using roll outs quite often. The strength of the O line now is at tackle; and while Smith will make mistakes his extreme athletic ability will allow him to recover better than anyone else. The pressure will be coming up the middle; so the answer is to roll out away from it.
  20. Ren

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    If you think an undrafted free agent rookie is going to be anywhere close to as good as Gurode would have been you need to put the pipe down, seriously. Cutting him was purely about the money, while Costa might not be that far off a declining Gurode, Kowalski ain't even close and we have another rookie right next to him on Sunday. I'd take last years line over what we're going to have out there on Sunday for that game in a heartbeat even if it had Colombo

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