Monday Training Camp Observations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by percyhoward, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I attended the morning session, but don't have a lot of time to post right now, as we're packing up the car to head back home. Two words: Patrick Crayton. He is back. Think last year before the injury. He was exploding out of his cuts and catching everything. He had the best practice of all the receivers. We may very well have the best WR combination in the league this season.

    Matt Tarullo pancaked a guy wearing one of the two #60's (NOT Montavious Stanley, Chrissyboy, any idea who it was?). Flozell kept up with everybody else in the sprints, but still looked a little heavier than last year.

    The DB's were working right in front of me with Zimmer watching silently and Bowles doing all the talking. He strikes me as a good coach (Bowles). Calm demeanor, lots of specifics. Roy tackled like he thought he was in a game.
    Reeves had a nice breakup, like he did Saturday too.

    The LB's followed, with the DL at the other end, and it was interesting to me to see Ellis come over all of a sudden in the middle of the drill and join the LB's. Ware came over a few plays later. He looked good, but did nothing spectacular later against the offense.

    It struck me that the structure and sequence of this session was totally different from Saturday morning.

    Almost nothing to report on the QB's because they were at the other end of the farther field. A lot of times, you really couldn't tell who was throwing the pass. From what I did see, Romo looked pretty good.

    As for RB's, it was night-and-day compared to Saturday, with a lot more holes to run through, Barber had a nice 20-yard run. Julius looked just as good. Polite made a shoestring catch of a low pass from Henson.

    T.O. was the last one onto the field. He made a nice adjustment on a bomb from Henson that was thrown over the wrong shoulder (I'm giving the vet the benifit of the doubt here) but couldn't haul it in. He did turn on the jets and disappear for TD later though. I was agape.

    Julius stayed late to sign autographs. Akin Ayodele made it a point to go all the way down to the far end of the field and work his way back up the fence signing.

    The one thing I took away from this practice though, was 84. If Crayton keeps this up, he will see some serious playing time, and make us one of the most feared passing attacks in the league.
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    Good to hear about both Crayton and the runblocking. Those are just two of the many positive storylines coming out from the couple days.
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    Yeah, the first good thing said about the O Line. That is music to my ears.
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    Thanks for the info PH. Was it one guy in particular that was getting lit up by Crayton or was it pretty much the entire secondary?
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    I'll have to check my video later to be sure, but Crayton looked very good in both practices that I saw, against everybody who was on him.
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    very nice report and glad to hear Crayton is perfoming back to normal
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    Very nice report--- thank you!
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    come on, according to some on this board Crayton may not even make the team :rolleyes:
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    I truly appreciate all of you guys at TC giving us these updates. Too bad all of you guys couldn't get together, and 1 watch the QB and RBs, while the other concentrates on the line and so forth. That would be truly awesome.

    Thanks again..
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    I think I have just decided that I will judge our O-line during preseason games. I love these training camp reports. But the inconsistent things I keep reading about our line really make me wonder exactly what we will have in Jacksonville.
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    our o line must be ready for open day jags got a tough d lineman.
  12. SteveOS

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    Good to hear about Crayton, the injury he had last year was very unfortunate, hopefully he can make it through an entire season this year.
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    Yes -I saw that and was equally impressed. i think it was the Samoan sounding guy, Taulealea(?). I hope not though, as I've really taken to him and am rooting for him. (Admittedly, we'd need a roster of 65 for all such players to make the team!)

    Thanks Ph for the post. Good observations.

    I love reading them all just as much. It was mentioned a couple of times in this thread. There is just so much that is going on at any time. That alone never mind trying to take picks and watch at the same time......not enough hands and eyes!
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    Crayton is getting the love because TO and Glenn don't need it right now. Sorry to see he won't make the field much unless injury sets in. At least we have a good alternative. Honestly, TO and Glenn are the man and we have a very good backup. Depth is great to see.
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    Thx again for a good report man this is nice hearing some football news

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