News: More Dez Bryant fallout, it never ends

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by The Quest for Six, Mar 30, 2011.

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    PER ProFootballTalk

    When Sherman didn’t get the top gig, Garrett didn’t bring back Sherman as receivers coach. One reason for Sherman’s departure may have been his relationship with Dez Bryant.
    “Sherman developed a close bond with Bryant, and that probably led to his firing,” notes Matt Mosley, now writing for
    Sherman was tight with Bryant, allowing him to vent on the sidelines. He also instituted something called “Keepin’ It Real Thursdays” to allow receivers to blow off steam.
    Miles Austin lamented Sherman’s departure in a PFT Live appearance at the Super Bowl. The Cowboys have hired Jimmy Robinson as wide receivers coach in the meantime.
    Perhaps Garrett felt Sherman let the receivers get away with too much — just think of the Terrell Owens era in Dallas. Still, it could be even more challenging to manage Bryant without Sherman there.
    You know, when the team is actually allowed to speak to Bryant again.

    Dez would be well served to get his outstanding debts paid up and get a mentor that he respects to get him on the straight and narrow, because otherwise he's heading for bigger trouble down the road if he doesn't get his act together..
  2. Hostile

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    Garrett knew who he wanted as WRs Coach from the word go. That should be obvious by now.
  3. Hoofbite

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    I wouldn't call a speculative article by PFT, "fallout".

    I love how we're supposed to reference TOs time in Dallas as a barometer when his time in Dallas was nowhere near as bad as his time in SF and Philly.
  4. LongSnapper

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    I believe that is true Hostile, but that doesn't mean that this story is false
  5. Plumfool

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    I agree the only way Sherman was gonna stay is if somehow Jerry made him HC. Sherman and jg werent going to coexist after what happened with TO and Roy and PC. Not Dez.
  6. GloryDaysRBack

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    This isn't news...this all came to surface the day Sherman was let go..
  7. perrykemp

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    I think the hiring of Jimmy Robinson is the best thing the Cowboys could have done to protect their investment in Dez Bryant.

    I look at the Packers WR's -- Donald Driver, Gregg Jennings, etc and they seem to be consummate professionals in our they carry themselves on the sidelines and on the field.

    If Robinson can bring that same approach and attention to detail to our WR corp, I think we'll end up with the best pair of WRs in the NFL.
  8. LongSnapper

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    Thats a big assumption there. First you have to have your head screwed on straight so you can "GET IT" not so sure about Dez's capacity to get it anymore
  9. Doomsday101

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    Dez has some growing up to do but honestly many people including myself was immature in my early 20's and changed as I grew up. Problem Dez faces is he is in the limelight and his screw ups are going to be reported something I never had to worry about.

    Regardless if people think it is fair or not it is the price you pay when you live in the limelight. For his sake I hope he can learn from mistakes and grow up.

    In the end if falls on his own shoulders, others can give advice to him but it is up to him how he lives his life after all he is an adult
  10. Arch Stanton

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    The same thing has been speculated about on the Lunch Break by Eatman, Ellis and Eagleton for some time. This isn't anything new. Perhaps Florio should employ Calvin Watkins? At least his stories are only 24 hours late!
  11. iceberg

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    doesn't mean it's real either. some people are just so anxious to dog on anyone they can they won't allow the possiblity that this is all blown out of proportion. then suddenly it snowballs and every little thing gets magnified way beyond anything you'd ever want for yourself.

    but since it's not you (not you per se, but those who keep ragging on him) these people just rag on w/o any cost or responsibility of their own actions.

    at this point i'm turning off my dez bryant *news* filter because much like a UFO - if one person sees it, everyone will suddenly see UFO's.

    one person finds fault in a top target, all will now "suddenly" see it. if your mindset was already set because he's *is* a young kid who's made mistakes (and who hasn't?) suddenly they want to be popular.

    in the 90s it was drive an SUV, give kids ADD drugs and bash on microsoft. you simply were cool unless you did these things, deserved at times or not.

    now it's popular to rag on dez so everyone wants their shots in.

    highly annoying.
  12. Cajuncowboy

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    I'm still confused over how Sherman was good enough to "interview" for the HC job but not good enough to stay as the position coach. Did Sherman want to leave?

    I understand the need to meet the goofy Rooney Rule requirements but I'm not clear on who wanted him to leave after that. Was it Garrett or did Sherman say "If I can't have the HC job, I'm gone."
  13. GloryDaysRBack

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    What don't you understand? Jerry hires the HC..which turned out to be Garrett.. And Garrett hired the's really quite has absolutely nothing to do w the other
  14. Hoofbite

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    You mean Jerry always lets the HC pick the staff?

    He's never hired some other positional coach or coordinator before the HC?
  15. Idgit

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    Sherman was a very good coach. There happened to be another very good position coach available who Garrett thought was a better fit for his staff. I don't think there's anything more to it than that.
  16. GloryDaysRBack

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    No, I didn't say that.

    But Jerry made it clear that Garrett would hire his own staff when Garrett got the job
  17. Dodger

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    Just for the sake of curiosity, I counted the number of Dez threads on the front page.

    There are 9.

    Do we really need 9 threads about Dez?

  18. ologan

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    I wonder if NE would part with their first round picks plus another for Dez?
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    Not always, obviously. But this time, yes.

    Garrett wanted Robinson because they're old friends, and that's fine. The HC should always be able to hire his own people, because loyalty is important. Guess you have to be in the family portrait for Jerry to get that.

    What irks me is the character assassination that goes on with Ray Sherman, acting like he was a bad coach and a bad guy because Dez fell asleep in meetings and didn't know his playbook. If people really think it's as simple as constantly putting the hammer down on a player as immature and emotional as Dez Bryant, I think they're going to be sadly mistaken.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    Doesn't matter. Dez isn't going anywhere.

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