More exciting highlights of Dez Bryant (video)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by STAR GAZER, Jul 14, 2010.


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  2. poost

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    One of the better highlight videos I've seen. He needs to return kicks for us.
  3. hipfake08

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    He needs to get his hands on the ball for us.
  4. adbutcher

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    Thank you Prime Time our plan worked flawlessly--Jerry Jones.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    It sure seems that way.

    To get the ROY in the 20's is pretty amazing. :D
  6. adbutcher

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    R2A is somewhere sobbing right now. :muttley:
  7. dmq

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    His high school highlights are pretty impressive too.
  8. zrinkill

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    I wish I could find a picture of him setting with those fans after a score.
  9. brymatt94

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    If someone were to tell me a year ago we would have Dez Bryant I would never had believed them but man im glad i was wrong.
  10. Sam I Am

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    I loved the sign that girl was holding up.

    DEZ = Destination End Zone.

  11. Rynie

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    Exactly what I was thinking.
  12. MarionBarberThe4th

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    2:12 - Hes carrying the ball in the wrong arm.

  13. KJJ

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    Highlights like those are going to be even more exciting when he's making them as a Dallas Cowboy.
  14. pupulehaole

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  15. jswalker1981

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    Actually, he's campaigning for the NFL to count Miles' last season as his rookie season. And then re-vote the ROY award so Miles can get it. Then he can yell that we already had the ROY, why draft another WR.
  16. adbutcher

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  17. jswalker1981

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    What I really like about it him is how he acts when he gets in the end zone. He doesn't do some stupid flip causing him to fumble before he even gets in, or drops the ball so he can get into his touchdown dance as fast as possible. He isn't all about himself, he just flips the ball to the ref and celebrates with teammates. I'm sure it won't take very long for EVERYONE to see that he is good character guy.
  18. HoleInTheRoof

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    He always jukes to the right after receiving a punt.
  19. sonnyboy

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    Great Highlight Clip.

    I watched the whole thing and only saw one booble. One time he had a legit chance to ketch the ball clean and had to double ketch it.

    That's what impresses me most. He a natural receiver. Balls hits his hands and bang, it's secured and quickly tucked away.
  20. Dodger

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    Nice video...the music is a refreshing change from the usual.

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