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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Portland Fanatic, Aug 23, 2005.

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    Let me say this was a much improved game by the oline...I was happy to see some progress...still so much work here, but far better effort then last week!

    The good:
    ~ Ware...Moster night! Nuff said
    ~ Petitti...Solid night....I think he made a huge step...IMO it's his job to lose now, which I don't see happening.
    ~ QB Pressure...I saw Ware, Dat, Roy, Thornton, Burnett and others putting pressure in the backfield...what a relief!
    ~ Just think we're still missing Spears and Fergi on the Dline...and I'm liking what I'm seeing from the group playing. I also think Burnett and Canty will be starting very soon. Canty is an absolute steal! I like Ellis, but I'm not seeing it...Canty is the man.
    ~ Burnett will beat out Singleton before long...
    ~ Bledsoe stared looking better as the game went on....I think he needs the entire first half next week.
    ~ Romo....he's impressing me big time. I'm a Henson fan....well guess what, Romo is flat out beating him....what can I say.
    ~ A-Train looked very good. I think he will be a great compliment to JJ
    ~ JJ got going after a few carries....stud! Nuff said.
    ~ Crayton...great hands!

    The Bad:
    ~ Vollers...This guy SUCKS! He has gotten absolutely manhandled in each game...thrown on his arse, moves to leave him in the dirt...he's gotta go!
    ~ Peterman...not showing anything yet!
    ~ Cover two....I did not like how Hasselbeck moved the ball on that one series...he picked us apart. I'm hoping we were just very vanilla in the secondary!
    ~ We need more touchdowns!!!

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I think we made some big improvements...and guess what we have some playmakers on defense...a few of them.
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    I can't tell whether or not a QB is making his reads. I don't know what play is called and who he's supposed to be looking at, and I have no idea if those guys are open when he's supposed to be looking at them. So I only go by results. I thought Henson and Romo both looked about the same last night. Neither looked ready to start.
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