More info on dez bryant? smokescreen or what?

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    Dez Bryant-WR- Player Feb. 28 - 5:51 pm et

    Three sources familiar with the situation tell Yahoo's Jason Cole that Dez Bryant's behavior in college was "consistently irresponsible."

    "I wouldn’t draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games," one source said. Another source stressed that Bryant wasn't just late to meetings, practice, or warmups. He was often late to actual games. Yet another characterized Bryant as "just goofy." It's possible that teams are spreading bad info about Bryant in hopes of spurring a draft-day slide. We still don't see him lasting until the 12th pick.
    Source: Yahoo Sports
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    I can tell you as an Oklahoma State fan that this sounds like a way of lowering his stock so a team can pick him. The reason being is that when I go to class I often walked by the practice fields and saw Dez many times staying after practice and working hard. He was also the first person out of the gates every game. If that does not convince you, you can look at Mike Gundys press conferences in 2008-2009 where he tells you that Dez Bryant loves the game of football and he is always the first person on the field practicing and the last person to leave practices because he loves the game so much and one of the hardest workers. Now he was late one time to a meeting his freshman year against Florida-Atlantic and he was suspended for that game. If you have payed attention to Mike Gundy he is a guy who haves no problem not playing players who does not follow team rules (just ask Brandon Pettigrew). So other than lying to the NCAA Dez does not have any character concerns.
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    College kid irresponsible? never!
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    Bryant comes with a caveat emptor tag

    By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
    Feb 28, 10:42 am EST

    Buzz up! 120 PrintINDIANAPOLIS – Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant is emerging as the favorite for the most dubious title in the NFL Draft.

    Biggest risk.

    Other Popular Sports StoriesCollege hoops team wins miracle finish Canada wins hockey gold in dramatic OT victory More From Jason ColeNFL considers overtime changes for playoffs Feb 27, 2010 Rolle's commitment called into question Feb 25, 2010 Three sources with direct knowledge of Bryant from his days in college, where he missed the final 10 games last season because of lying to NCAA investigators, said Bryant’s antics were “consistently irresponsible.”

    Bryant is expected to be a first-round pick in April. Some draftniks have predicted that he will go in the top 10, although the consensus appears to be the top 15. Whoever takes him does so at their own peril.

    “I wouldn’t draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games,” one source said.

    A second source said Bryant’s reputation was earned because he was consistently late to team activities. That included showing up late for games.

    “We’re not just talking about being a little late for warmups, but like being late for the actual game,” a source said with a chuckle. “When you start to hear some of the stories of there, you go, ‘He did what?’ ”

    Bryant recently defended himself against questions about his past by claiming he is a “great person” in an interview with NFL Network. While that may be a stretch, his episodes of irresponsible behavior aren’t considered malicious.

    “Dez isn’t evil, he’s not trying to hurt anybody. He’s just goofy,” another source said. “But it does make you think, ‘If he’s like this in college, what’s it going to be like when he gets paid?’ ”

    The NCAA investigation of Bryant initially revolved around illicit benefits Bryant received while in college. Among the items the NCAA examined were cell phones Bryant had for himself and his girlfriend that were being paid for by another party, although Bryant claimed he paid cash to the other person.

    The investigation eventually led to a 10-game ban by Oklahoma State when Bryant lied to NCAA investigators about his interactions with former NFL star and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders.

    Jason Cole is a national NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports. Send Jason a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.
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    He'd fit right in with MartyBS.

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