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More international fun: China moves about 100,000 troops to NKorea border

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by ThaBigP, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. ThaBigP

    ThaBigP New Member

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  2. arglebargle

    arglebargle Well-Known Member

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    That is interesting; and dangerous. The North Koreans are real spooky. No telling what will happen once Kim is gone. Gotta hope he doesn't go crazier and push the red button.
  3. MagicMan

    MagicMan Well-Known Member

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    They're only doing what Joe Biden told them......test BamBam very quickly. Russia, China, and even the Taliban are already chomping at the bit.

    With all the tests he will be confronted and the economic chaos at home, wonder how long it will be when he wonders if he actually is the "winner."

    Hey, but at least we'll be liked by the UN and the rest of the world. You do know you win "Most Popular" when others don't feel threatened by you.
  4. Rogah

    Rogah Well-Known Member

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    I am unable to access the article so I don't know exactly what it contains, but from what I understand the Chinese are very concerned about a massive influx of refugees coming from North Korea when their "beloved leader" Kim Jong-Il dies (or if it gets announced he is dead already). I guess North Korea is China's Mexico.
  5. ThaBigP

    ThaBigP New Member

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    If the MI6 assessment is correct, I don't think this is directed at "BamBam" :)confused: haven't heard that one before) so much as setting up a massive invasion in the event Kim Licensed to Il dies and creates a political vacuum there. NK has nukes, after all, even if they suck at the moment. I don't buy the "protection from refugees" line myself. The million dollar question, and one that could easily turn into a test...will they stop at the NK/SK border? I think they will, but you never know with those Krazy Kommies.

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